In Cuba, human rights are a nono:


Spanish Women detained for attending Human Rights protest in Cuba:

Catalan women seized after Cuban democracy demo
By: thinkSPAIN
Cuban authorities are holding ten women from Cataluña for supporting a demonstration in favour of human rights yesterday morning, and it is expected that they will be deported within the next few hours.
Among the women taking part in a demonstration organised by the Damas de Blanco, a dissident movement that campaigns for the rights of Cuban political prisoners, was Francina Vila, who represents the CiU on Barcelona town council.
Around two dozen other women from Sweden, Peru and Bosnia also took part in the demonstration that was organised to coincide with International Human Rights Day.
When the women returned to their hotel after the protest, their passports and travel documents were confiscated and they are being held in police custody until their transfer to the airport.
All the women arrived in Cuba on tourist visas last Thursday.
A spokesman from Barcelona Town Hall has said that the council is not prepared to comment on the situation for the time being.
Monday, December 10, 2007

Photo from and more info at The Real Cuba.

5 thoughts on “In Cuba, human rights are a nono:”

  1. Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero and King Juan Carlos are keeping “very, very quiet” (as Elmer Fudd would say) about this. I bet the king will not speak out against this like he did with Chavez.

  2. Of course the Barcelona Town Hall can’t comment on the situation. They’re too busy fussing over their Che exhibit and/or planning an even bigger and more expensive tribute to the murderous bastard.

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