Ladies in White march to National Assembly

The Damas de Blanco marched to the National Assembly and demanded the release of their loved ones; they were joined by a group of 15 visiting young women from Latin America and Europe with banners that read “democracy” and “freedom.”

Since we knew about the ladies in white we thought we would give them a little support,” said Laura Costa, a university student from Spain.
The women then gathered around a bust of Mahatma Gandhi in the nearby park to laud the revered Indian civil disobedience leader and thank the young women for their support.
“We want peace, love and liberty,” said Laura Pollan, leader of the group, which two years ago won the Sakharov prize, the European Union’s top human rights award.
Police have picked up dozens of dissidents in recent days in Cuba for temporary detention, according to Cuba’s main rights group, the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, which charges the government wants to stifle opposition street protests planned for Monday.

Read the rest, here, and pray for them, Dr. Darsi Ferrer, the brave opposition, and Cuba.