Latest Message from Darsi Ferrer

Via Abajo Fidel.
Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez, the Cuban dissident who is planning a peaceful march at 11:00 AM this morning in Havana to protest Cuba’s apartheid policies spoke on Puerto Rican radio last night via telephone. He reports that he will not appear at the military sector headquarters to which he was summoned at 9:00 AM and that he intends to attend the march as scheduled and that he is prepared to die if he has to. He also reports that there at least 50 agents of state security posted surrounding his block.
He explained that he has announced the march and all of the threats to international news agencies such as Reuters and CNN and that to date they have paid no attention to him.
Imagine a possible tiananmen square scenario happening in Cuba with the international media refusing to cover it. On Friday BUCL put out a press release on behalf of Dr. Ferrer. The release has been widely distributed on Business Wire and Hispanic PR wire. The news agencies with bureaus in Cuba will not be able to use the excuse that they had no idea what was happening.
Lastly he asked that we keep him in our prayers and that we denounce apartheid in Cuba in every available forum.

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  1. Exclusive for Babalu blog and its readers
    The call with Darsi was interrupted several times by the Cuban Security forces. Thanks to Jorge ( for providing Darsi’s celular phone) . Darsi was eager to talk from the beginning. Humbled we had called him. He sounded determined from the offset. Dr Ferrer again talked about the injustice committd against his persona and family. His six year old son has witnessed the death threaths against his father. He was visited today several times by the Cuban Agents. Prisoner in his own home. When we called him he was in company of an Spaniard friend according to him. His neighborhood block has been
    closed since yesterday and the people visiting him are require extensive scrutiny. We reassured him that there is an international campaign involving Dec 1oth March in Cuba, We hold the cuban Gov responsible if Dr Ferrer is hurt in any way. Finally answering our questions Dr Ferrer responded that under Raul castro things have gone from bad to worse. no real changes , more of the same , more military games, repression and lack of freedom and opportunities.
    God bless the good Doctor and his family

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