6 thoughts on “Same Guy?”

  1. He may get his jollies that way, but I expect there’s more in it for him, and others like him. He’s basically a jinetera selling a different “service.” Unfortunately, there are always some people willing to do anything, for a price.

  2. He’s the same guy because he,as well as all the others, are from Cuban “seguridad del estado” or the so called “state security” police force. That’s why you always see the same faces.

  3. After the collapse of the Cuban dictatorship, the people will deal with him like they did with the porristas in 1933 and the chivatos in 1959. When their blood flows in the streets, Menoyo, Lesnick and company will be begging and screaming for U.S. military intervention.

  4. I have never posted here before but just wanted to say thank you to whomever made this site so everyone can see what is really going on in Cuba!!!!!

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