Gracias, Darsi

Darsi Ferrer and his fellow demonstrators got “roughed up” yesterday, making his silent, peaceful demonstration on International Human Rights day a success.
Ferrer, who’s has worked tirelessly to expose the castro regime’s abuse of basic human rights could not have scripted it any better. He even managed to get the cooperation of the suddenly hapless regime who decided to announce that it will sign two UN Human Right treaties early next year on the day that they were brutally squelching a human rights demonstration and deporting a group of foreign tourists that had demonstrated for democracy in support of the Ladies in White.
The Orwellian irony of yesterday’s events has not gone unnoticed. The usually complaint press was forced to mention the human rights abuses in the same story as the treaty signing.
Here’s a great op-ed from the Charleston Post and Courier that talks about the regime’s hypocrisy.:

George Orwell should be living at this hour. The perversion of truth, distortion of language and the denial of reality that he described in his prophetic novel “1984” were perfectly illustrated in Cuba Monday.
The Castro-Communist dictatorship chose Dec. 10, universally celebrated as Human Rights Day, to announce that it will sign two U.N. human rights covenants that protect economic, social, cultural, civil and political freedom.
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  1. Gracias Darsi! What incredible cojones that decent, humble man has shown the world! I hope more Cubans lose their fear of that abusive and decrepit regime. The first cracks are beginning to show!

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