Look at the big man

The photo above shows the castro regime thug we’ve previously highlighted getting in the face of a woman who had the temerity to support a march for human rights on International Human Rights Day in Cuba. He’s such a big man, isn’t he. What a gentleman! Pushing ladies around and yelling in their face. Nice.
We need to find out this guy’s name and distribute it with his pictures. In fact we need to start collecting the names and pictures of all these henchmen.

13 thoughts on “Look at the big man”

  1. Tocayo, miralo de laito con par de cervecitas..ese negron no es nada mas ni nada menos que Danny Glover…igualito…
    y por ahi en ese grupo de fascinerosos deben estar sean penn, rangel y Serrano…busquemos bienen las fotos a lo mejor brian de palma estaba por ahi
    El Granma dice ahora que eran estudiantes, pueblo en general , trabajadores… Viste algun estudiante en las fotos de casualidad?

  2. This guy seems clearly an agent of the regime, meaning a paid agent. The job probably comes naturally to him, and he profits from it. For some people, it’s whatever works. Still, he’s going to have a hard time explaining these pictures in the future, when he no longer has government protection.

  3. Mr. Gomez: You need to stop picking on that poor underprivileged Afro Cuban. It is obvious to me that the man is an intellectual having a political discussion. Just look at his erudite expressions. If I recall correctly, I met that gentleman at the University of Havana the last time I was there. I will have our Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU invite him here to give an academic presentation to expound the principles of political mass participation in Cuba. I will coordinate his visit with Marifeli Perez-Stable, Guillermo Grenier, and the other professors affiliated with our center. I hope that you will attend, just like you did at our political debate.

  4. Coño, ya volvió Lisandro a formar un peo. Hey professor sociologist, why don’t you just permanently stay in Havana the next time you go there? And take your son and his video camera with you.

  5. A mí me llaman
    el negrito
    del batey
    el trabajo
    para mí es
    un enemigo.
    El trabajar
    yo se lo dejo
    todo al buey
    el trabajo
    lo hizo Dios
    como castigo.

  6. Here are more appropriate song lyrics for him:
    “Thug Nigga” by Memphis Bleek
    Is you a thug nigga?
    Then bust a slug nigga
    It’s no love nigga
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    You a playa? Well nigga who you working for?
    Cuz who coachin that team that you be otin for?
    When I ride by, I know you looking to spray me
    But I got a ghetto bird that go half on a 380.
    It’s the game of life, you it, so play it right
    Bitches like you, M-e-m-p-h Bleek, yeah right.
    Is you a thug nigga?…
    Then bust a slug nigga…
    It’s no love nigga
    M-e-m-p-h Man
    Holla…Fuck y’all niggaz

  7. Yes, we must collect all of the names of these bastards. They all must be taken out one by one, until there are none left. By the way, once a communist always a communist.

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