Several dissidents remain jailed

Cuban Democratic Directorate has a list of the names of Cuban dissidents arrested or otherwised harassed, threatened or assaulted by the dictatorship’s goons on Monday, International Human Rights Day, and a few days prior. The attacks happened throughout the country.
Among those attacked were, Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his wife, who were beaten, arrested and later released; and former political prisoner Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez,” who was released only after being given a ride from Havana to his hometown of Placetas. Also on the list are Blas Fortún Martínez, Guillermo Pérez Yera and Carlos Cordero, who earlier had been reported as being arrested with Antúnez.
From my reading of the list, Cuban police are still holding several of those arrested. They are:
René Montes de Oca Martijas.
Fidel Mohena Rivero.
Raúl Velázque Valdés.
Luis González Medina.
Julián Enrique Martínez Báez.
Anabel González Méndez.