Video from yesterday’s march

Thanks to Ernesto and Fantomas for making me aware of this video. In it you can see what the still photos don’t show. And that’s a clear delineation between who the protesters were and who the regime’s thugs were. In one particular clip you can see that Dr. Ferrer is walking with his wife while the other two people are yelling “viva fidel” one guy is literally grabbing Dr. Ferrer’s wife’s hand and raising it in the air yelling “viva fidel.” Imagine if you were walking down the street and someone came and grabbed your wife’s hand or was violating your personal space in such a gross manner. Also toward the end of the youtube clip you can see public enemy number #1, the big thug that has appeared in most of the photos, shouting down the protesters and bystanders.

3 thoughts on “Video from yesterday’s march”

  1. I ran an article on the beating of the dissidents in Cuba. I am from Barbados, and I am concerned about our PM’s relationship with Castro.
    Keep up the good work in exposing the truth!

  2. Thanks for posting this video. I created a separate post for it at my site and added the comment that Raul may be able to repress the Cuban people but he cannot repress technology.
    If it weren’t for YouTube (and babalublog) I would not have seen this video. I was affected by seeing the video and I’m sure my readers will be too.
    So, Raul cannot stop technology. Think about it. YouTube just might bring freedom to Cuba.
    Viva YouTube!

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