Whether you’re a fan or not…

… you have to give credit to Spanish singer, Alejandro Sanz.


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Snubbed Sanz derides Hugo with “Chávez sucks” t-shirt
11 December 2007
MIAMI/MADRID – Alejandro Sanz made sure he had the last laugh on Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez after the populist leader had prevented the Spanish singer from performing in Caracas as part of his recent South American tour. During Sanz’s final concert of the year, which he performed “at home” in Miami last weekend, the pop star made his feelings about the Venezuelan leader quite clear by brandishing a t-shirt with the words “Chávez sucks” printed on it.
Sanz was due to sing in Caracas on 1 November, but the Venezuelan authorities denied permission for the concert just weeks before the gig was due to take place. The apparent reason for the decision was a comment made by the singer over three years previously when Sanz visited Caracas in 2004. “I don’t like your president, and I don’t much like those from other places, and mine [then Prime Minister José María Aznar] doesn’t seem to have done his job very well,” Sanz said.
The cancelled concert, for which more than 8,000 tickets had already been sold, according to promoter Evenpro, has been provisionally rescheduled for February 14 of next year. But Sanz’s latest jibe at Chávez in Miami may draw a further cloud over that planned performance.
At one point during the show, a girl handed Sanz a Venezuelan flag, which the singer draped over his back. He later held up the anti-Chávez t-shirt to a deafening applause from a crowd comprising many exiles from Cuba, and, to a lesser extent, Venezuela.

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  1. That’s cute, but how come we never see gallegos with “Fidel Castro Sucks” T-Shirts? That T-Shirt is just a sign that Sanz supports his monarch. Kind of like those thugs that support Castro. Both fascist and socialist Spaniards have generally admired and supported Fidel Castro.

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