Carlos Lazo is a liar

In the video that Ziva posted yesterday of the finance committee meeting that debated the merits of lifting the embargo, Carlos Lazo says “later, after battling for many months in order to visit my sons in Cuba I was finally granted the chance to bring them to live with me in the U.S.”
That is B.S. In fact, when he first toured the halls of congress selling his sob story in June of 2005, he was offered visas for his sons to visit him in the U.S. and he turned them down saying it was a family matter.
Here are the remarks on the senate floor of Senator Mel Martinez on June 29, 2005:

We have asked Mr. Lazo if he would allow us to bring his children here so they could visit here. One of them has had some illness. Currently, he is not under medical care, but he has been recently. He could certainly seek medical care here when he came, under his father’s auspices.
In addition to that, I believe it would be a nice thing for these children to have an opportunity to visit in a free society and a free country. That request, that offer, has been refused. For family reasons or other reasons, he doesn’t care to pursue that. He wants to go there. I understand that. But I don’t believe we can change the foreign policy of the United States to suit one individual situation.

Lazo prolonged his separation from his sons to make a political point. Finally in October of 2005 Lazo relented and allowed visas to be issued to his son so they could make a 3-month visit to the U.S. Of course, they never went back.
Now Lazo is revising history to make his point and extend his 15 minutes of fame. That’s all well and good but Mr. Lazo is a liar.
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4 thoughts on “Carlos Lazo is a liar”

  1. The sons of Carlos Lazo, now that they are permanently in the US, will start whining that the want the embargo lifted so that they can go back to visit their mommy.

  2. Thank you Henry, I put up that post at work, and under time constraints. Thanks for the clarification. Also, I know the video is long, but I think it’s important to watch. Anyone who doubts what is written here, and on other anti-castro blogs, needs to watch this video, and listen to this testimony. We have to be the watch dogs when it comes to Cuba policy, because who else is paying attention? If I learned one thing from the CAMBIO campaign, it’s this: Do it, don’t wait for someone else to make it happen.
    Knowledge is power, watch the video, and document the collaborative testimony from the halls of freedom. Why not for Cuba?

  3. Thanks for posting it. I was annoyed by the presence of Wilkerson, who with credentials acquired in his early life before he went off his meds, and his access to the loony left has done a great deal of damage to the cause of truth. Anyone else notice how he toned down his rhetoric to appear reasonable?

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