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  1. No matter how hard I try I can’t remember the time in which Gloria Estefan (or hubby for that matter) stood up for the Cuban cause. They always talk in ambiguities. I’ve stopped listening to their music, buying their CDs or otherwise mentioning their names. The same goes for those parasites in Hollywood. I don’t go to the movies nor do I buy CDs. F..them.
    As to the article in Granma, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. The Cuban government has great expertise in exploiting the “useful idiots” from Hollywood, the music industry and the MSM.
    What turned my stomach, however, was the unmitigated gull of the Cuban government in writing an article about the “precarious situation of million of children throughout the world.” Hay que tener la cara bien dura!

  2. This line from the article is galling coming from a regime of book burners and censors:
    ” . . . so that a song, a book, a scientific study or choreographic works are not considered, in an irrational way, as a crime.”

  3. When I was in Miami a few weeks ago I spoke to many senior and middle aged Cuban Americans and they had no clue what the Estefans did with a Limousine commie jerk like Santana. Many – even my mom could not and would not believe it – it’s like they were living in denial. “Ay no chico pero como dices eso de Gloria – eso no es verdad! They would say to me. “How can you say that about Gloria – that’s not true”.
    Well am sorry mami, it’s true!
    Miami needs to wake up – realize that some of the biggest traitors, spies, fellow travelers, supporters, ignorers, and appeasers are within their own people living amongst them – the resentidos, the FIU-ers like who tried to sabotage Dr. Biscet’s web site, the sell outs – the Max Castros, Anna Melendezes, those Cubanos who are Democrats, the Jose Garcias, and Queen Sucias. The Cuban American community also needs to be cognizant of who the Estefans really are – greedy very shrewed business people, they in their private million dollar estates have nothing in common with any of us, or those suffering in Cuba, and we should not patronize their phony syrupy corny overly produced cds, concerts, or lousy pseudo Cuban food restaurants.
    But I know these words of mine go on deaf ears.
    Heck! The Estefans, if they really cared and had cojones would produce an album dedicated – hard core all the way – to the dissidents in Cuba and all the monies (of course you need to pay the studio musicians and the support people) but all the funds would go entirely to helping liberty on the island. They should not care what Hollywood, Ry Cooder, Santana, Sean Penn and the rest of the idiot I love Castro brigade thinks.
    Come on Emilio and Gloria, you have many millions to spare, whats a couple of million less from your billions for some fax machines, pencils, food, moral support, medicines, books and such for independent librarians, journalist, and those who say CAMBIO in Cuba!
    Go on tour and go all over the world and in the concerts speak the names of the dissidents, and the horrors done by the Castro dictatorship. Hey, if concerts have been done for Live Aid, No NUkes, No Apartheid in South Africa, Save Dafur, Free Tibet, Save the Whales, Free Nelson Mandela, Earth day, and Al Gore, then surely you guys can do a whole string of concerts for Cuban freedom? No?
    Come on, I dare you! Atrevete!

  4. Gloria Estefan’s daddy, a Bay of Pigs and Vietnam War veteran who died of Agent Orange, is doing pinwheels in his grave. Gloria and Emilio Estefan need to publicly denounce this jerk Santana after all the spin and apologies they previously did for him. Thanks, Henry, for keeping vigilant.

  5. I don’t have a dog in this fight, b/c I’ve never been too keen on the music of the Estefans, BUT … just so I’d be able to comment intelligently on the topic, I listened to almost all the cuts of Gloria’s album on iTunes when it first came out.
    The sister is tone-deaf, guys.
    Modern electronics can do wonders for people with and without talent — enhancing the voices, beefing up the tracks, layering sounds to dress up anything that may be just a little naked. Well, the frills on the CD are nice, but the voice just doesn’t have it. Not even No Llores. But this is just my first impression, I’m no authority on their particular music style. To me, they’re just like their BeeGee neighbors – people who made it BIG in the music business and are now reaping the results.
    Which brings me to say that we (most of us who read and support this blog), as Cuban exiles anxious for permanent democratic change in the island, need to be a bit more realistic with these celebrity types. I can’t recall in the history of Wester civ. over the past — oh, let’s say, 400 years — where celebrities are instrumental in bringing about serious change for the common good, although in recent times they tend to undertake pushing their pet causes. Literally.
    It’s time we realize that the Estefans, like any other artist with a big name, have friends and commitments and financial interests in their business circle, and if they are going to serve anybody, it’s going to be themselves. I’m not waiting for Gloria or Emilio to get up on a soap box for Cuba. I expect them to do what all their compadres do — show up on the red carpet at awards ceremonies, invite wackos to record with them, smile pretty for the camera, and so on and so on. If they’re sell-outs, they’re the ones living with their consciences.
    Let’s concentrate on helping people like Darsi Ferrer and Elias Biscet; forget Gloria. When I disagree with an artist, I stop giving them any of my hard-earned dough; that sends a louder and scarier message to them than anything else.
    Just a thot.

  6. I think it’s probably time to put the Estefans aside and move on. They are what they are, and they will only yield more of the same. The Cuban exile community, more or less understandably, made too much of them and gave them too much credit. It happens. There are idols with feet of clay everywhere. People want to believe what makes them feel good, even if it’s just a fantasy. So let’s stop obsessing over the Estefans; it’s just not worth it. There are more productive ways to employ our time and energy.

  7. Just wanted to say that there are artists out there who stick their necks out on the Cuba issue despite the trouble that this could cause them with their recording companies, Hollywood, fellow entertainers [most of whom tend to be leftists], etc… Paquito d’Rivera, Lissette, Willie Chirino, Andy Garcia, & that young and up and coming Cuban American rapper, Pitbull just to name a few come to mind.

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