And Now 90 Millas: the Movie

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Emilio Estefan talks about a documentary he made while recording the album. It sounds pretty ambitious, not only about their recording, but about the evolution of Cuban music and the difficulties faced by Latin artists here in the states.
I’ll leave you with a teaser:
Many people don’t have a clue. I was the person responsible for the Latin Grammys. I remember when I suggested it, they thought I was crazy. So I spent 14 years trying to find sponsors. But now when I look at Latin music I say at least it’s a lot more diverse — there are influences from Puerto Rico, Spain, Brazil. There is a totally different vibe now.
Read the article at Reuters or don’t.

8 thoughts on “And Now 90 Millas: the Movie”

  1. The Estafens are die hard Democrats! Democrats are for the lifting of the embargo that would finacially empower Cuba’s communism, Thus the Estefans are indirectly empowering communists posing as socialist through their contributions and lack of support to legitimate human rights groups promoting a free Cuba like Babalu & BUCL!
    I could give a rat’s ass about Emilio’s pet project……what about the Miami Cuban Community “FREE CUBA” pet project! Maricon-bobolon!

  2. Fuck the e$chefan$!!! Their solidarity with carlos santana against freedom loving Cubans shows their true colors.

  3. It’s not bad enough that Emilio and his no-voice wife [she couldn’t hit a note if you pasted it on nose] made that horrible CD with Santana, now they are trying to pitch a film where Santana is interviewed. Do these money-hungry sell-outs have any shame?
    Why don’t they make a film about Cuba’s dissidents? Why don’t they make a film about the destruction of Havana architectural fabric and the theft and depletion of its national patrimony? I guess that there’s not money involved in that.
    By the way, why doesn’t Emilio–instead of tooting his horn so much—admit in that film that Willie Chirino was the one who invented the Miami sound that they copied?

  4. I must dissent here. Wow wow wow how far we haven’t come based on these comments. The Estefans have done plenty for our community yet jealousy of their success seems to color how they are viewed here. They have stood by us and continue to do so. Is their music TRUE Cuban music? Maybe not, but they have done their best to integrate OUR music and bring it to the mainstream better than anyone. Did they record with Carlos “Asswipe” Santana? Sure they did. Why shouldn’t they? He’s a damn talented musician. Misguided…but talented. I think we all agree that we ALL want democracy for Cuba. NEWSFLASH: Democracy requires that we agree to disagree. We are humans and cannot all have the exact same views. But we can still work together. The Estefans have done as much, if not more, for our community as Babalublog, Celia Cruz, and, yes, Willie Chirino all put together have ever done. Jealousy green can be a very ugly color. I, for one, am very appreciative of the Estefans con tributions and representation of us as Cuban-Americans. Let’s please try to not bash our own here. It only serves to belittle our cause. I’m pretty sure the Estefans share our passion to see that tyrant gone. Please let’s not hate on our own.

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