Eb-dee eb-dee eb-dee ebdee- That’s ALL FOLKS

Caught with his proverbial Italian tailored pants down, Venezuelan Interior Minister, Pedro Carreño, has a hard time articulating a response to a question posed by a reporter right after he proclaims that the only path to justice is socialism, and not capitalism. The reporter simply asked him how he could be against capitalism while wearing Gucci shoes and a Louis Vuitton tie.
That’s when he started to sound like Porky Pig.


7 thoughts on “Eb-dee eb-dee eb-dee ebdee- That’s ALL FOLKS”

  1. Gucci shoes? What a peasant! In 1978 I saw Fidel Castro wearing Florsheim boots and told him that was working-class footwear. I them bought and gave him as a gift a pair of Johnson & Murphy boots valued at $650. I think I will call the Venezuelan minister with a similar offer, or maybe give him a pair of Bali shoes. Corbata barata, anyone?

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