Thanks to our BUCL Sponsors

It was an eventful week in Cuba and hopefully as a group of bloggers, webmasters and readers we were able to help spread the word about dissident activities a little more than would have normally been the case. I will be a posting a series of thank you notes to our sponsors. Please make sure to click their banners and check them out. Each brings their own unique perspective to Cuba and the fight for her freedom.
I’m going to focus this first post on some first time sponsors.

CubanBanker runs the excellent new blog La Primera Generación that’s only been around since November. CubanBanker is young, only 21 and was born in the great city of Hialeah but grew up in the Kendall area of Miami. CubanBanker recently had the Cuban awakening that many of us have at some point, the one that has brought us all together. CubanBanker shares the following piece of good advice: “educate your children early about what’s going on in Cuba now, what has happened in Cuba over the past 60 years, and what being Cuban is all about. They’ll thank you for it in 20 years.”

Laura De Marchena runs Another youngster, just 22 years old, she is a very enthusiastic newcomer to the cyberwar against the castro regime and its gross abuses of human rights. Laura organized our small in number but large in heart demonstration at FIU on Monday. If you go to her web site you can order bilingual cambio bracelets in white and blue with proceeds benefiting the Ladies in White.

If you want to know what’s going on in Cuba on a day to day basis and can read Spanish, then Penútimos Días is the blog for you. Ernesto keeps us all abreast of the latest developments. Ernesto, it means a lot to us that you chose to sponsor this latest campaign.
More profiles to follow.