BUCL Sponsor Spotlight

In the first Sponsor Spotlight I highlighted 3 of our first-time sponsors. This time I want to acknowledge 3 of our 3-time sponsors. These 3 always are the first to jump in. Before they even see the campaign proposal they jump in with the money to help.

What can I say about Ziva and what she means to Babalu and BUCL? To say she’s fully committed to the cause of Cuban liberty would be the understatement of the century. Here excellent blog, titled simply enough, Blog for Cuba, is an excellent read. Ziva has managed to walk the fine line of maintaining her own blog and contributing here much better than I have. Make sure you click over and check her stuff out.

By my estimation George Utset, through his web site therealcuba.com has done more to combat the propaganda put out by castro inc. than any other person or entity that I can think of. It’s repository for pictures and video of the real Cuba. The one that the castro brothers hide from the world. Through George we’ve been able to establish contact with leading dissidents on the island. He’s been at it a long time too, jousting windmills at AOL, way back when, where the user forums about Cuba were filled with fidelista propaganda. Certainly a daily read for all us Babalusians.

Claudia, from my hometown of Philly. Another honorary Cuban. The thing I admire most about her is how she opens the eyes of the young people she teaches about a country most would never even be able to point out on a map if it wasn’t for her. She also makes some mean pasta. Claudia is selling white Cambio bracelets at her site Claudia4Libertad with the proceeds going to the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, that’s the organization led by the Cuban political prisoner Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.
If you read and appreciate Babalu, then I suggest you also check out all of our BUCL sponsor sites and blogs.
More profiles to follow.

2 thoughts on “BUCL Sponsor Spotlight”

  1. Great Post Henry!
    All these blogs, including this one, are deserving of our gratitude and recognition for their resolute dedication to keep us informed about the “real” Cuba and to free Cuba!
    I must also point out that Ziva and Claudia are exceptional human beings. Their unselfish dedication and unyielding commitment to the Cuban cause are admirable! As a Cuban American, I have no words to express how their work have touched me. They have taught me that each one of us,individually can still make a difference and create awareness of our plight! We should not look the other way and expect others to do what needs to be done, but become proactive and recognize our responsibility to do something! Thanks!!!
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do” ~ Helen Keller

  2. Thanks, Melek, you’re so sweet. Todo lo que hago viene directo del corazón para que haya fin al sufrimiento del pueblo cubano. It has been my honor to learn from all of you over the past few years of reading and posting here and then blogging this year.

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