Another day, another defection

Lorenzo Menéndez, a political counselor at the Cuban embassy in Mozambique, did the right thing, and helped a Cuban doctor in the African country, defect. Because doing the right thing often can get you in big trouble with the castro dictatorship, Menéndez has traveled to Spain to seek political asylum, according to AFP, quoting a story in the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.
Considering the current Spanish government’s dalliances with Havana, Menéndez might have been better off seeking asylum in France, where he made his getway while traveling back to Cuba. Going back to the island, however, was not an option, Menéndez said.
“I have no alternative, other than to ask for asylum in Spain,” Menéndez said. “I am the political victim of a corrupt and dying regime.”
(H/T Penúltimos Días)

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  1. Hey guys, why no news about Bolivia? Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni and Pando declaring yesterday autonomy from Evo’s rule sounds like pretty big news to me. Possible civil war? Just a thought

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