Fool from SLC

Here’s another example of a fool who spends a week touring fidel’s Potemkin village and comes back filled with knowledge caca they feel compelled to share. She writes a sob story about blind children in Cuba suffering because of the “El Bloqueo es Genocido.”
A commenter suggested she visit, a good suggestion, but she should also wean herself away from the hate America crowd at, and Code Pink. She authored the Mother’s Day tribute to Cindy, and praised Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Recently about 40 Utahns and another 10 or so friends from around the country received U.S. visas to legally tour Cuba for a week.
My favorite experience there, one that brings a smile whenever it comes back to me, is this:
We visit a school for blind children. We’re there to see the facility, meet students and educators and deliver school supplies. We are greeted by a large display reading, “El Bloqueo es Genocido” (The blockade is genocide), referring to the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba.
Genocide is quite a word. Many of us wonder how we will be received. We are warmly welcomed by the principal and invited to tour the classrooms. We visit children who are learning vocational skills. Their teacher says because of the American embargo they have a terrible time getting art paper. A proud young girl presents us with hand-colored bookmarks. I bend down to accept mine, thank her in Spanish, and am surprised to receive a kiss. We visit another classroom where the students are using prehistoric Braille machines.

Read the rest at the Salt Lake City Tribune, comments accepted. Her website is here.

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