castro Retires?

Breaking News:
Fox News is Reporting that fidel castro is thinking retirement:

HAVANA (Reuters) – Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public for 16 months, suggested on Monday he might give up his formal leadership posts, the first time he has spoken of his possible retirement.
“My elemental duty is not to hold on to positions and less to obstruct the path of younger people,” the 80-year-old Castro said in a letter read on Cuban television.
Castro, who took power in a 1959 revolution, handed over temporarily to his brother Raul in July 2006 after undergoing stomach surgery.
Cuba’s National Assembly could formalize Castro’s retirement as head of state when it approves the members of the executive Council of State in March.

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  1. There aren’t too many “younger people” in the upper ranks. He might be referring to one of the “talibanes” such as Perez Roque, etc. Notice it was a letter read on the Mesa Redonda (they did not show him), this could be the beginning of an internal power play. Keep an eye on any reaction from Raul!
    Come to think about it, maybe he’s talking about Chavez! OOps….there goes my dinner!

  2. interesting, roland. i have been noticing signs of late indicating that raul isn’t as solidly in power as we might think. I started a whole diatribe on this subject over at La Contra Revolucion, and finished it today at lunch. i was just going to post an update to say how wrong i was till I read your comment! definitely randy and the mesa redonda are “taliban” institutions. I was sure the talibanes were ready to dress him up in fatigues again-but..handing power or formally giving more power to the fidelista taliban would serve the same purpose.

  3. Why no mention of Raul? Now the Raul supporters must be wondering who they should support. What’s Fidel trying to say? Are they Fidel’s words or is it made up.
    I think this will ripple through the high ranks of the Cuban government.
    This is not a rumor. This is a fact as seen on Cuban television so it cannot be dismissed by Raul or granma or anyone inside Cuba.
    They may question the validity of the statement but then they’d be questioning Fidel which would then be discredited.
    I think this story is HUGE. I have more news stories at my site.

  4. Gusano, as you mentioned on your blog, el Granma and Juventud Rebelde have been contradicting Raul on several occasions. The rumor you mention regarding Raul starting another newspaper, if factual, would be a clear sign there is a major rift within the highest levels of the Cuban government!

  5. Could they be getting the people ready, so that when they finally announce that he is dead, he would not be doing it as the “lider maximo”, but more as the “grandfather” of the country? In their minds, this could prevent people from thinking that when he dies, Cuba does not have a leader. It would be hard to produce him for the upcoming joke of an election, so this could be paving the pay.

  6. castro wrote that letter the same we he writes his reflections, which is to say not at all. he’s a dead man lying in a pool of his own feces. The talibanes are playing a game of weekend at Bernie’s. He who controls the living corpse controls Cuba.

  7. Nobody is in charge, raul is an alcoholic, anybody worth anything in that place does not associate with that clown show, is over people , is over no matter what they say anything happens down there they cannot stop it, bet they are already working deals with DC,,,

  8. – Nov. 30 Cuba agonizes that Venezuela is “Un pueblo bajo el fuego”, warning of dark days ahead, already cognizant that Chavez (and their lifeline) is in real deep trouble.

    – Dec. 2 Cuba stands down Chavez against taking on his people, fearing and knowing that the Venezuelan military will overthrow him (and kill their lifeline) if he rejects referendum results.

    – Dec 17 Cuban agents arriving at Caracas airport get unceremoniously and vociferously booed by the Venezuelan people to shouts of “FUERA”!

    – Dec. 17 Cuba announces that Castro may “retire”.

    If we can all take a quiet moment to reflect about the life of the Castros, their history, the last 50 years, the last 2 years, the last 2 weeks, and the last 2 days. We will all come to the same conclusion that these two Castros have ALWAYS, and never but ALWAYS, have done everything in their lifetime that relates towards their OWN PERSONAL SELF-PRESERVATION and NO ONE ELSE’s.


    These two now see the handwriting on the wall. The fall of Venezuela on the horizon, the further falling of Cuba into the abyss, to WHICH they have DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING since their July 26 ‘mea culpa’ of how bad they know things are, and to which they HAVE NO INTENTION of doing anything on.

    They are now preparing their ‘escape’, with the intention of leaving EVERYONE ELSE behind to fend for themselves. They WILL NOT be caught DEAD or ALIVE in CUBA when the curtain falls. This is the way it will end.

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