Dream a little dream, Dolfans

In 1969, a fresh off the boat little Cuban kid was taken to this sporting event called a football game. A preseason matchup of a team from this boy’s new city called the Miami Dolphins playing a team from some place up North called the Boston Patriots. Even though that kid hadnt ever even heard of the game of football, much less the teams, since he now lived in a new city called Miami and that city’s team was called the Dolphins, that little kid became a Dolphin fan on that day by default.
A few years later, that little boy’s team rewarded him with a perfect season and back to back Superbowl victories. That boy bled aqua and orange from then on. I still do.
And being the Dolphin fan that I am I want to mention something that I know, absolutely, is in the mind of each and every Dolphin fan out there in the entire football world.
I have dream. A football dream. A dream so vivid I can taste it. A dream so beautiful that I want to basque in it’s beauty. A dream so dreamy I want to dream it. Ahh, to sleep, perchance to dream…
I need not mention what that dream is specifically, but those of you that grew up with Csonka, Kiick, Griese, Shula as household names, those of you that hear the name Marino, Yepremian, Duper and Clayton, and Warfield with winsome, those of you that smile at the thought of Killer B’s and The No-Name, those of you know this dream of mine.
I had this same dream twenty years ago and that dream, that oh-so seemingly unreachable dream, that “Oh youre crazy for dreaming that” dream, that dream came true.
While the stark reality is that the Dolphins are in the midst of their worst season ever, there is still one chance to make this season a dream come true. One chance to once again go down in football lore, one chance for football glory. One chance to pull beautiful football perfection from the abyss that is being the worst football team in the National Football league.
One chance. One dream.

4 thoughts on “Dream a little dream, Dolfans”

  1. I’m a Pats fan; was never a Dolphins fan. But I have to admit, that your dream would be sort of poetic if it happened.
    Would’ve been more poetic if that was the win that broke the Fins streak.
    Though not a Fin fan, I was glad to see them win yesterday; but come Sunday I’ll be rooting for the Pats and the Jags.
    Sorry guys.

  2. Val,
    I see you’re back from the dark side. 😉
    The Patriots and Bill Belichick better be shaking in their cheatin’ boots, because the Dolphins are on a roll and have absolutely nothing to lose now.
    (This comment brought to you by the Die-Hard Look Reality Right in the Eye Dolphins for Life Fan Club, as well as by a fair dose of sarcasm, por si las moscas)

  3. Val;
    Circumstances have me living in Atlanta so I just watch whatever game is on and look for the Dolphin score to come around when they update the rest of the games going on.
    Yesterday was a nail-biter for me, but it was like winning the Super Bowl. At least we will not get skunked this year.
    Now, the next big thing is for the Pats to get at least one loss and that way we’ll keep our rightful place in NFL history. Even better would be for that loss to come on Sunday. That’s my dream.
    Bernie in Buford

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