The murderous beard

Claudia from Claudia4Libertad has an interesting piece regarding fidel and his beard. Apparently, the bearded dictator claims to have saved ten working days per year by forgoing the morning shave. Tidbits such as these, though titillating to the elitist leftist sycophants that worship at the altar of the bearded tyrant, are usually nothing more than the typical fluff inserted into the articles and stories published to give the murderous ruler a human side. Something came to mind, however, when I read about this timesaving technique of his which caused me to run some numbers.
The one thing castro and his revolution has been quite prolific at is murder. With some death counts totaling over 200,000, the last thing the world needs is a murderer with extra time on his hands to ply his craft. So I decided to do some rough calculations to see just what effect these extra ten days had. For simplicity, I chose the conservative figure of 100,000 deaths, but you can easily double these numbers if indeed the count is closer to 200,000.

Total number of years in power: 48
Total number of murders: 100,000
Average number of murders per year: 2083.33
Average number of murders per day: 5.7
Average number of murders committed during fidel’s extra time per year: 57
Total number of murders committed during fidel’s extra time: 2,756 deaths

And the journalists reporting on this revelation thought they were just doing a human interest story.

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  1. Thank you, Gusano. Unfortunately, the numbers do not lie. Kind of puts the whole 48 years into perspective when the simple act of not shaving can be responsible for the deaths of over 2700 people.

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