Mitt Romney on the dead dictator who is not dead but really is dead…



Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney issued the following statement on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s comments that he may not return to power in Cuba :
“Even if Fidel Castro does not return to power, Cuba ‘s government remains the brutal regime that he founded nearly 49 years ago. Regardless of his newfound desire to not ‘obstruct the path of younger people,’ the fact remains that Cuba’s youth are currently subject to constant surveillance, harassment and violence for demanding their freedom and are among the many political prisoners in Cuba today.
“CAMBIO is desperately needed in Cuba , not a succession of power to Raul Castro or the next generation of Castro cronies. Cuba ‘s future should be shaped by its freedom-loving youth. We must maintain our current policy until the Castro regime is dismantled, all political prisoners are freed and a transition to free and fair elections takes place.”

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  1. estos politicos de carrera ( de pacotilla) solo hablan de Cuba cercano a la elecciones… During the rest of the time they do NOTHING …for us…
    Rommey does not fool me… Ask any candidate rEPUBLICAN OR dEMOCRAT where Cuba is located IN A world MAP they will probably point at South Africa instead

  2. I agree. When they startd talking about using the best resource in their arsenal (Guantanamo Base – in Cuban territory), to infiltrate Cuban freedom fighters into Cuba, then I will listen, support, and vote accordingly!

  3. I have been hearing similar political rhetoric from presidential candidates since 1968. Nixon was going to “liberate” Cuba and so was Reagan. Instead, they reaffirmed the Kennedy-Khrushchev Pact.

  4. Tito –
    Putin’s Russia just delivered nuclear material to “Iran.” The Kennedy-Khruschev thing might just be
    FINITO. -S-

  5. The Kennedy-Khrushchev Understanding was discussed at length in a previous post here two weeks ago. It has nothing to do with Iran. The Russian Federation assumed all the treaties, agreements, and understandings of the former Soviet Union. The U.S. Department of State sent me a letter in 1994 confirming this. Bottom line: the classified Kennedy-Khrushchev Understanding has never been officially abrogated and therefore is still in effect. I have also been listening to political rhetoric about Cuba during the past four decades. None of the candidates are even mentioning the relevant issues regarding Cuba: enforcement of Titles III and IV of the Helms-Burton Act and the wet-foot/dry-foot policy.

  6. Okay let me beat Romney to the punch. In the near future he will say “viva Cuba libre” then top it off with a “Cuba will someday be free”. That should cause everyone to wet themselves then we should expect silence until the next election cycle. Sorry, but thats the way I see it. Then I will get criticized and someone will say “so what do you want him to do?” To which I will answer “if he has no solution then what he says about Cuba matters for nothing but votes”.
    What can he do? Make a committement with a schedule. Otherwise…shut up.

  7. If Romney said the sky was blue I’d go outside and check first. He was for illegal immigration and against the 2nd amendment before he was against illegal immigration and for the 2nd amendment. And no, I don’t think of those who escape Cube as illegal aliens.

  8. LaConchita, For years patriots, both Cuban and American have been waiting. Some politicians, of both parties have given up on the people of Cuba because very little has been done by the people themselves. Sad fact but true. Another sad fact is the exile community and Cuban Americans in general never reached out to the socalled JOE SIXPACK in what liberals call fly over country. Of course this is changing now with the internet but it’s been a long time coming.
    Cuba now is running out of time. Should a Democrat get into the White House do not expect any help or sympathy for the plight of Cubans. Rather expect a HUGE backlash from DC. The Clintons do not forget…or forgive those that get in their way.
    Should a general uprising start…I THINK Bush would help but he has little time left in office.
    It might go something like this….an uprising…US troops sent in to “protect” the tourists(damn them) or to protect Americans visiting relatives. Perhaps to protect the massive boat lift…both coming and going.
    One thing for sure, there are a LOT more in the US than you may think standing by….waiting for a phone call.

  9. I think another need for “Cambio” is what our expectations should be of those politicians who dangle the “free Cuba” carrot for votes.

  10. The Cuban people on the island are affected by a Stockholm syndrome mentality because they lack access to independent news. Likewise, during the American Civil War, slaves in bondage had a similar mentality, as there was not a single slave uprising in the South. When the Union army was near, slaves fled, just like Cubans do now, instead of rising against their masters. Sometimes, it was the privileged slaves who were the house servants who notified the master of the Union army’s approach, or accompanied the master and his family when they fled the plantation. The field hands were the first who ran toward Union lines under the general belief that freedom meant that they did not have to work again. These accounts have been extensively documented in history books and personal memoirs.

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