An Important Clarification by Antúnez

Earlier I posted about a call by known dissidents Martha Beatriz Roque and Jorge Luis García Pérez, or “Antúnez,” on the disparate groups of the Cuban opposition to unite. Definitely a good thing. There was some confusion, however, as to whether there was a suggestion to suspend street demonstrations until the ground was better prepared. Someone contacted Antúnez who made clear that that was not his intention. Now on Misceláneas de Cuba is a press release from the man himself. There is no moratorium. The gist of his message is here:
Let this document ratify our ceaseless and sacred call to the internal opposition to continue taking to the streets, for these are the most appropriate places for struggle and resistance.
We suggest to our brothers in exile to read the call carefully and turn deaf ears to any ill-intentioned interpretation of the same.

The full text in Spanish here.

6 thoughts on “An Important Clarification by Antúnez”

  1. Creo que se malinterpreto el documento que escribio Marta. Es toalmente cierto Antunez no apoya ninguna moratoria at this time. Esperemos que Marta aclare y se ponga para su numero. Sinceramente creo que la disidencia debe unirse a las Damas de Blanco y viceversa en sus respectivas marchas. It should be a total effort. Not just Darsi who is a lesser known figure adentro y afuera de Cuba . son los otros mas conocidos los que deberian estar cogiendo mas palos en las calles instead of writting about the bad conditions in the cuban jails. Para eso es que se les envia bastante ayuda desde aca para que sean relentless en la lucha

  2. Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez are members of the OPPOSITION …They want a complete and total change of the Communist system. The members of the DISSIDENCE want changes made but they don’t necessarily request a regime CHANGE.
    The “Ladies in White” started their demonstrations when their spouses, brothers or fathers were arrested and sent to prison. When they were originally approached they responded that they were demonstrating ONLY for the release of their loved ones. That they were NOT POLITICAL! They were NOT demonstrating for the release of ALL political prisoners nor were they demonstrating for a regime change. There are tapes in the local media archives that can attest to this.
    To my knowledge, they’ve never asked anyone else (not related to their cause) to join their “group.” Perhaps now that they’ve attained international recognition (or they’ve seen the light) they have become “political.”
    In my opinion the members of the OPPOSITION have always been united in their cause. The members of the DISSIDENCE however, are a whole different matter… It’s impossible to UNITE both groups when they each have different goals.

  3. thats why we wont get anywhere ever at this rate … with some many captains and approaches the ship will sink TO THE DEEPEST waters of the ocean..
    it is time to unite everything that opposes the regime ya sea por los esposos, for regime change or for political jockeying…49 years is a bad joke

  4. Firefly, both the terms are used in their generally accepted definitions as describing people opposed to the status quo. The Ladies in White were not mentioned in the original post, as they were not mentioned in any of the articles.
    That said, your post makes clear the differing aims involved and highlights the difficulties inherent in organizing concerted action.
    I understand that there’s no underlining or italics in the comments, but please don’t capitalize. I feel like one of those British schoolboys in the movies, being lectured in a somewhat supercilious way by a black-robed instructor.

  5. rsnlk:
    “both the terms are used in their generally accepted definitions as describing people opposed to the status quo.”
    I beg to differ… It may be -in your opinion- the “generally accepted definition,” but those informed know the difference. There are many in academia, and the MSM that use the words “interchangeably” in order to confuse. There is a big gap between the opposition and the dissidence.
    On another note…
    Far be it for me to TELL anyone that contributes to this blog how to write or format their opinions. I leave that to Val. If he has any issues with my capitalizing, I will stop immediately, otherwise I will continue to write AS I SEE FIT! If it offends you… Don’t read my comments!

  6. My bad, Firefly, I thought your intent was to make a point and not to offend. I was apparently mistaken. I could just avoid your comments, but I would be the less for it. I guess, Abajofidel is right. This is how we are.
    What I won’t do is argue with you. So, vaya con Dios.

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