I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approved this message

George Will connects the dots between the former presumptive frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and whether she is really suited for the job, and a flashpoint in U.S.-Cuban relations:

Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama by recycling a slogan Nixon used in 1960 against John Kennedy: “Experience Counts.” But is it prudent of her to invite remembrances of things past?
She had two experiences of wielding power regarding important matters for her husband’s administration. One concerned the selection of his first, second and third choices to be attorney general — all in just 50 days. The decisive criterion would be chromosomes: The attorney general had to be a woman. The first selection, Zoe Baird, crashed because a slipshod selection process did not discover that she and her husband had employed two illegal immigrants as domestic help and had not paid Social Security taxes. Then Kimba Wood failed because she once hired an illegal immigrant before such hiring was itself illegal, a nonoffense magnified by the Baird debacle.
The third choice was Janet Reno, whose eight-year tenure was notable for three things. One was the botched assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, in which 86 people died, 17 of them children the assault was supposed to rescue. Another was seizing, at gunpoint, 6-year-old Elian Gonzales from his Miami relatives and deporting him to castro’s Cuba, from which he and his mother had fled in an escape in which she drowned. The third was the optional appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the Whitewater land deal, an investigation that led to Paula Jones. When Hillary Clinton adamantly opposed a financial settlement with her, the investigation meandered to Monica Lewinsky and impeachment.

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  1. actually bubba was as adamant about not settling the jones case. although the jones case was frivolous and was rightly decided at the lower court,
    once the supreme court decided wrongly in my opinion that the president could be sued while in office, they should have settled it to get it out of the way.
    but you also forget her fiasco with healthcare and her missing documents.
    It’s amazing after reading extensive bios of LBJ and Nixon and all their secrecy issues, that the bubbas were just as bad; no one calls them on it though….to this date they still are not releases all of her docs while in office.
    she’s a female nixon without the foreign policy experience and expertise.


  3. I think she’s worse than Nixon. Nixon had a strong sense of history and was deeply and thoughtfully involved in US foreign policy. What did the Clintons ever care about except domestic patronage politics and their own reflections in the mirror? I can’t envision either Clinton conceding an election for the good of the country, or overriding the State Dept. to go on a worldwide nuclear alert against the USSR and resupply Israel, as Nixon did in 1973.

  4. Jonathan
    actually Nixon had a big ego too. Everything done by the administration he ordered his staff to say that it was his going. He did care about what was said about him and those that said bad things were put on his enemies list. In fact, clinton had an enemies list too.
    Also from a conservative viewpoint, there is much criticism of Nixon’s detente policy since it in essense legitimatized the right of the soviets to own eastern europe and its sattellites. Reagan never gave into detente and was the 1st president ever to move for the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons. No one can share that honor.
    Nixon’s glory was in his China policy and in his standing by Israel (even though he hated Jews and always called Henry Kissinger “my jew boy”).
    Nixon’s vietnam policy was flawed in that he settled on terms that he could have gotten 4 years earlier. many died in those 4 years.

  5. Why I will not ever punch a machine for a Pinko Dem Pres:
    1) Treason at the Bay oF Pigs, the Commander in Chief abandoned his men on the beach.
    2) Dealed us away in a chess game with the Russians at the Missile Crisis (stupid naivety to play chess with Russians) .
    3) Abandoned the Vietnamese catholics and the gentle people of Cambodia to slaugher and slavery by siding with the American left led by the Communist Party of America from Oakland and San Francisco, the same people that only supported America’s entry into WWII because it saved the soviets from Hitler and that today conspire defeat for America as allies and accesories to anyone who hates America, these people are traitors.
    4) Allowed the humiliation of America by the Iranian retrogrades who would like nothing more than institution of a muslim caliphate in America.
    5) Allowed and encourage enemies to dictate inmigration policy to America.
    6) Stood by and did nothing while castro murdered Americans in 1996, no military responce to shooting down unarmed American aircraft (BTTR).
    7) Kicked in Elian’s door to humilate us, curry favor with envious ignorant red necks and serve castro because they like him and feel that less than white people (which is how they see us) deserve and are lucky to have such regime since we are uncapable of knowing any better consequentely a higher intellect big brother socialist knows what’s best for us.
    8) Confabulate with America’s enemies to destroy our armed forces and deny our men and women their sacrifice for total VICTORY over the heathen that attacked America with hijacked airplanes and anthrax, want to enslave us Christians, that when only AMERICA will stand up to them as it rightfully should by being a land blessed by God.
    That is why again and again I will do my best to keep them out of power and save us the defeat me and my felow veterans experienced (without ever loosing one battle) because of them and traitors like the last pinko they tried to elect President, God willing my son will one day proudly look back at how honorably he served his land in VICTORY as he does today, I will not let him down.
    Does anyone need any other reasons?

  6. Michael,
    I’m no fan of Nixon. He did a lot of bad things and made big mistakes, as you point out (though I think his actions as president contradict your suggestion that he was an anti-Semite). I just think the Clintons are even worse.

  7. Jon, trust me on this one, nixon was an anti-semite. but at least he was able to do good things for the state of israel despite his prejudice; although it was actually Kissinger, Haig and Scowcroft running the show though as nixon was preoccupied with watergate in his second term on the foreign policy front vis a vis the mid east.

  8. Look up Cuba in the index of the memoirs of Nixon and Kissinger. You will see how they secretly agreed to abide by the Kennedy-Khrushchev understanding of not to interfere in Cuba. Meanwhile, Cuban exiles believed that because Nixon’s cook and valet were a Cuban couple, that was motivation enough for him to liberate Cuba.

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