Journalist remains defiant

Thanks to Cuba’s independent journalists, the world has learned details about how the Castro regime tried to preempt last week’s demonstrations by dissidents and other events to commemorate International Human Rights Days. They kept track of who was being arrested and who had been released, and bravely, transmitting their stories to the outside world.
Now, the empire — well, the two-bit dictatorship — has struck back.
A story posted at Payo Libre, details how Cuban police have threatened Carlos Serpa Maceira, one of the more prolific independent journalists, with prison because of his work. They have notified him that he could be charged with “social dangerousness” and fined for illegally being in Havana. (He is supposed to be on Isle of the Pines, but was forced to leave because of police repression there.)
Serpa, who a day before Human Rights Day covered a march by the Damas De Blanco and about 15 foreign supporters, was not shaken. He vowed he would “continue reporting on these and other acts of rebellion for the liberty of political prisoners.”
(Cross-posted at Uncommon Sense.)