On a Purely Personal Note

I try to function as a humble man. Going further, I try to function as a penitent man. From time-to-time, when I find myself in a situation I cannot control, I turn to faith and supplication.
Right now, in some very far off and very dangerous land, a fellow journalist, someone I consider near and dear, is on assignment – locked in a dark house with five guards cradling Kalashnikovs – please note, they are charged with the protection of this individual every night during the course of this assignment. This individual is attempting to tell the stories of those with no voice. Of course, I have no way of reassuring or comforting this individual, I have no way of protecting this person and that is perhaps the hardest part. From time-to-time, when difficult situations erupt in my family, I am often looked upon as the voice of reason. I am expected to provide opinions and advice in a bid to ameliorate tough spots in the lives of those I hold dear.
I am now powerless. Every weapon in my arsenal is useless to protect a person with whom I share so much.
So, on this 21st of December, four days before Christmas, I ask those of you reading this post to please keep this individual in your thoughts and prayers. Perhaps El Señor will better hear my prayers if they arrive as part of a chorus.
Many thanks,

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