You want to talk about movies?

An opinion piece in the USA Today says that if Hollywood were to produce a movie to describe the “incoherent” US policy towards Cuba, it would be a remake of the 1993 movie “Dazed and Confused.” The editorial goes on to repeat the same talking points regarding the embargo, such as that it was instituted with the sole purpose of toppling the castro regime while never mentioning the real reason; the largest expropriation of private US property in history. As is often the case, this writer has a very loose grip on facts and history, but what else would you expect from Hollywood.
But the editorial made me think of what movie would best describe Hollywood’s complete lack of understanding and love affair with a murderous, despotic regime. The first movie that came to mind is another cult classic: Dumb and Dumber.


Leave your choice for the best movie to describe Hollywood’s clueless apathy in the Habla section.

2 thoughts on “You want to talk about movies?”

  1. Of course, I could be accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” or worst yet, one of those “loony Miami Cubans” for saying this, BUT why is it that the MSM seems to get on a let’s lift the embargo and engage Cuba bandwagon every 4 months or so? We currently have that document making the rounds, the one signed by all of the usual suspects, asking for [one way] artistic freedom between Cuba and the USA and with that, I’ve noticed a growing number of opinion pieces or articles on Cuba asking for the embargo to be lifted, engagement, etc… It’s as if the MSM responds to some type of directive from Havana or something with the objective of always keeping the heat on the Cuban exile community, ridiculing us and American foreign policy on Cuba and isolating us both.
    You would think that ossified, retrograde, bankrupt tyranny were the most important thing on earth. Cuba gets more coverage than countries that are 100 times larger, or more powerful and important than Cuba. Is something sick and wrong with this picture?

  2. It takes a lot of $$$ passed around to the right people. fifo has no qualms in starving the Cuban people and use $$$ where it’s more beneficial to his Totalitarian regime.
    I’m certain he has a public relations firm in the U.S. (and elsewhere) that take care of those issues for him.
    Then again, there are also the useful idiots and their leftists ideology who do it for free.

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