New adherents to the religion of Global Warming

The Miami Herald’s Editorial board is the latest entity to become devout believers in cult of man-made global warming. In an editorial today the Herald joins the ranks of those who claim that there’s no wiggle room, no doubt that the current warming cycle on earth is being caused by man:

The scientists at Bali uniformly agreed that global warming is a fact, that human activity is causing it, that sea levels are rising faster than previously believed and that impacts are already being felt in the form of species extinction and dramatic weather changes.

It’s funny because I’m seeing all these recent converts to the religion led by Al Gore and its happening just as the evidence begins to mount that all these chicken littles are out of their freaking minds.
The news that gets very little attention is that more and more weather scientists are questioning the so-called scientific consensus on global warming. In a CBC documentary that I posted about recently we find one scientist who shows some pretty conclusive evidence the sea levels are falling in the Maldives, a group of islands that is often predicted to be one of the first casualties of rising sea levels caused by global warming.
People, it’s important that you get informed on this issue because it will be the bogeyman that the left will use to do what it couldn’t do on its own merits, namely to shut down American industry and American economic growth. It’s also disturbing to see that the Bush administration beginning to cave to these loonies.
I’m going to leave you with a link to an unlikely web site. It’s Pat Sajak, the host of TV’s Wheel of fortune. He asks some very reasonable questions about global warming. These are very inconvenient questions to those peddling the cult of man made climate change.

3 thoughts on “New adherents to the religion of Global Warming”

  1. If I remember correctly, back in the ’70’s when I was but a wee lad, the Scholastic magazines among others were all touting a new global ice age.

  2. I am starting to believe in this global warning, because man… Is December 24 y hace un calor que le ronca el mango!!
    Oh and is Bush’s fault

  3. Good morning and Merry Christmas to the fine folks at Babalu.
    There is a wonderful series of 4 videos taken of an actual climate scientist explaining conclusively that Anthropogenic global warming is bunkum. It was linked over at Ace of Spades HQ a while back.
    This link should go to the first video, the remaining three are linked in the right sidebar at youtube:
    It’s full of chewy, delicious logic. Enjoy!

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