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  1. It’s true – the Herald “comments” board is one of the most vicious places anywhere on the media web; it’s brimming with ignorant Cuban-hating trolls and trasnochados hunting for any opportunity to post anti-exile material. It makes no difference what the topic is, if there’s a problem in south FL or the world, it’s those @&*%$!! Cubans’ fault.
    It’s to be expected. It’s the Herald.

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  3. Yes, definitely, that Miami Herald Board is a solidly vicious forum full of anti-exile trolls. Horrible thing is that we get it from boths sides and all that I want in life is a little bit of consistency. We’re both sides of the Janus coin at once. To the liberals, we are these rich and powerful, politically connected individuals who pull the srings of the White House and run American foreign policy on Cuba and to the bigots, we are welfare bound, food stamp collecting gangbangers and criminals who are a drain on society. So, which way is it? You can’t have it both ways, or are we something out of ancient mythology, Janus with two faces looking at opposite directions at the same time?
    Rarely have I seen a group that is so reviled at Cuban exiles and the horrible thing is that most of this is orchestrated from Havana. For instance, Castro says that we are no different than Mexican Americans and we should not be given refugee priviledges, instantly, the mainstream media starts repeating the same thing and before you know it, the bigots get on the bandwagon. It goes on and on. Castro could actually give Goebbels a run for his money. I’ve never witnessed anything like this. What a brilliant and devious propaganda machine.

  4. Here is another example of how the Miami Herald removes the comments section for their articles dealing with other minorities but not for Cubans.
    Today’s Herald has an article on Jewish Americans.
    Early this morning, it started accumulating anti-semitic remarks. Soon, the entire comments section was deleted.
    Another Herald article today about a woman being robbed and rapped by a non-descriptive person has the usual rantings and ravings blaming Cubans.
    This only proves how Jorge Mas Canosa was right in 1992 when he paid for advertisements on city buses that proclaimed, “I don’t believe The Miami Herald.”

  5. It seems painfully clear to me that the Herald does not and will not respect Cuban-Americans any more than it has to. Far too many CA’s have put up with way too much from the Herald for much too long. It’s like a kind of Battered Wife Syndrome, and I don’t have much sympathy for it. It’s entirely and easily possible to get along perfectly well in South Florida without the Herald(s). I’ve done it for years, ever since the Elian debacle (thank you, Carl Hiaasen, for helping me wake up and smell the nasty, bitter coffee–if a comparable crisis had involved the African-American community, I’m quite certain Hiaasen would not have ventured or been allowed to “inflame passions further.”)
    Mere bitching and moaning is worse than useless; the only response that makes sense is to hit the Herald organization where it hurts. In other words, STOP ENABLING IT. No newspaper service is worth one’s dignity or honor, and that would be true even if the Herald were on a par with the Washington Post or the New York Times, which it obviously isn’t.

  6. You are absolutely right Asombra. It’s beyond me why Cuban Americans continue to buy the Miami Herald after so many years of abuse. I live in NYC and I refuse to buy the NY Times for the same reason. What’s more, nowadays, with the Internet, practically everything is online. There is no need to buy any newspaper. We should put our money where our mouth is. But Cuban Americans don’t. Most Cuban Americans are really just too blase, cavalier and non-chalant about everything and that’s our problem in life and why Castro has been in power so long.

  7. You got it, Ray. It’s sort of like those people who SAY terrible things about the Castro regime, but are sending as much money and goods as they possibly can to the island. Do you think for a second the regime gives a shit what they SAY, as long as they keep materially supporting it?

  8. Exactly. As long as they keep on spending money, either sending it to Cuba, or by buying the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, our enemies aren’t going to give a hoot. Cubans haven’t learned to put their money with their mouth is.They had an opportunity to do just that when Mas Canosa was alive and he challenged the Miami Herald. They didn’t support him. They, also, had an opportunity to do it now when that self-hating Cuban journalist who got caught with a prostitute [what’s his face?] attacked Cuban American writers of El Nuevo Herald with that ridiculous moonlighter expose. That should have been the final straw.

  9. Everybody has a different situation and circumstances, different possibilities and limitations, so everybody cannot do the same thing. However, it remains sadly true that a lot of Cubans say one thing and do another, or worry too much about what non-Cubans will think, or try too hard to fit in with people who still don’t see them as equals anyway.
    I don’t ask others to do what I’m not prepared to do myself, but there’s no question we as a people could have done much better than we have, and that’s definitely a big reason why we’re no further along than we are and why Cuba’s misery and suffering has dragged on for so long.

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