5 thoughts on “From the Land of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams…”

  1. As a native of New England, w siblings in Maine and Mass., I cringe. This is on a par with the Cambridge election bureaucrat who booted the Boy Scouts off an election center for collecting material to send the troops- even though they already had gotten permission.

  2. Salem of all places. you should see the place in October? they have the satanist witch convention there …
    so I guess they can buy and sell souls, but no cookies….

  3. We should send food-agent-from-hell Scott a batch of pastelitos laced with Ex-Lax or something similar (and stronger).
    Sounds like constipation is affecting her cerebral neurons. Commie witch.

  4. Salem is also the city of the colonial Witch Trials hysteria that resulted in the hanging at the gallows of nineteen innocent people.

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