6 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury…”

  1. While this is a measure of good news, this lady should take heed and get solid bodyguard protection; she should know better, might end up “con la boca llena de hormigas” dumped on the side of one of those cracking roads. Particularly if she has children to worry about.

  2. I am more inclined to believe that the more she speaks out, the safer she will be. Although chavez is capable of the vilest deeds, I don’t think any of his handlers (the Cuban G 2) would allow him to take out an ex-wife and mother of his daughter. It would be a public relations nightmare.

  3. Sorry, but I’m not exactly ready to give the lady a clean bill of health. Any woman who would marry someone like Chavez is automatically dubious. It’s certainly possible she didn’t realize he was QUITE as awful as he turned out to be, but there has to be a problem with the way her mind works. Chavez is far too grossly bad news, and always has been.

  4. I would definitely question this woman’s taste in men. Even if you eliminate chavez’s boorish personality and insatiable desire to be the center of attention from the equation, he is not exactly Venezuela’s answer to Brad Pitt. He’s more like Venezuela’s answer to Cheetah from the old Tarzan movies, although Cheetah was a bit more articulate than him.
    That said, I could care less what motivated this woman to marry and later divorce him. What I care is that she can make his life difficult in ways few others can, and it seems she is prepared to do so. From that perspective, I’ll cheer her on all day long!

  5. hmmm …. house arrest, that’s a good point
    I don’t think hugo gives a rip about PR — given his record — and I also think his G2 handlers have not had much of a handle on him either; maybe his current restraint is a sign that G2 is tightening the screws
    But I still believe that if hugo asks her POR QUE NO TE CALLAS and she doesn’t respond, she may not have a second chance to shut up

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