12 thoughts on “Benazir Bhutto killed in suicide bomb attack”

  1. Sadly, you pretty much knew that this day wasn’t a matter of if but when. From the time she returned to Pakistan you knew she wasn’t going to survive for very long.
    I never believed for one minute that she would live to see Election Day in February. Very sad.

  2. Could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. All-out civil war in Pakistan would open up a whole new set of important questions for our presidential candidates. I wonder how many of them are thinking really hard about this?

  3. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.”
    …and Gavrilo Princip & Archduke Ferdinand. That country is fucked and we can only hope it doesn’t spread.

  4. I have two theories;
    1. Chaudhry brothers took revenge of Ch. Zahoor Ilahi’s death.
    2. PPP would not have won elections without foriegn intervention hence opened way for yet another sympathy vote, and now PPP can win elections based on this atrocity.
    Regardless of these it was inhuman and barbaric, leaving Pakistan Politics in turmoil and the country pushed further to the brink of civil war.
    Judiciary should be brought back to its premier state and murderers brought to justice.

  5. I think that Pakistan might need to be next on our list and if that’s the case, we will definitely not be alone.
    India has been chomping at the bit to take Pakistan out for decades and would be more than happy to join in any military effort there.

  6. This will definitely bring the war on terror back to the front on the 2008 elections.
    Just wait and watch conspiracy theories arise about how this was a ploy by the Reps to take the white house in 08.
    If Mush’s govt was truly behind this, I have a very strong feeling this will backfire on him.

  7. George,
    I quietly followed this woman’s politics because I was convinced that she would lead a socio-political change in this country-which as you know needs it badly. The beginning of Democracy in Pakistan had a chance. This is not a good day. George I truly think that the mess is right behind her assassination. This, as ventanita wrote, gives a political turn to the war on terror. Let’s hope for some sort of stability, as for now the guys at the State Department and Central will spend New Year’s with the Alert plug on the right eye and the Middle East on the left. Nuclear weapons in the wrong hands? That’s a no option outta the table topic.

  8. I will play devil’s advocate so you don’t have to do it. Plus this is what they may be saying on Demoractic Underground:
    Bush did it, like 9-11 to furthur demonize Moslems since communism is not the enemy anymore and we need someone else to pick and exploit, and to keep us in prepetual war to make money for Haliburton and the war profiteers, and let’s not forget, to take over Pakistan so we can build that pipeline to steal the oil.

  9. Mandingo,
    With all due respect. When I read things like this I just think: Ron Paul Blimp! I am a registered democrat with a Republican Heart. If the extreme left conspiracy builders are saying this then is time for Ron Paul and SNL!

  10. When it comes to ” real and smart solutions” the State Dept and the Cia needs to look no further. Right here the Babalusians have all the anwswers , ploys, questions even conspiracy theories for the taking. God bless Pakistan, India and the White House. This crime will bring consecuencias nefastas for the entire region

  11. I just read that Bhutto finished and finalised the edit of a book called “Islam, the west and democracy..” This should shake things up when published.
    Although Mush did not kill her he will feel the heat big time. Bhutto was going to let NATO go into the mountians to search for Obama….I mean Osama. TThe ISI is also full of extremists (like the CIA). Maybe it was the ISI whi had worked against her two term presidency when she tried to eliminate them.
    I think it was elements of the government mixed with extremeists. Mark my words…

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