Fellow Babalusian and journalist, Liz Balmaseda, and her paper, the Palm Beach Post, are creating an online photo album comprised of images depicting Cuba and the way it was. They already have 52 pictures compiled that are available to view, and they are requesting more.


You can see the pictures and the information regarding this photo album project HERE.

4 thoughts on “Recuerdos”

  1. Too many pictures of castro and che and who cares about some butch commie militia woman. Also more nonsense about casinos and American gangsters. What’s next? Brothel schools, mafia or “Superman”.
    Show the real Cuba – the Cuba of my parents also don’t dwell to much in the colonial era – yes, interesting but too ancient. Needs to show the Cuba that was a shining star – with it’s institutions, schools, hospitals, important figures, art, architecture, and then the decline into the castro era.
    Is Liz really a Bablusian?

  2. Mandingo:
    These are pictures submitted by Cuban-Americans. Not all of them left Cuba before 1959. But if you want to add your own photos that are more representative of the era you mentioned, you are welcomed to send them to the Palm Beach Post and they will add them to the album.
    As far as Liz Balmaseda is concerned, she indeed is a Babalusian. She is a great Cuban-American, and a great writer/journalist whom I have had the honor to meet.

  3. Did I miss something? I clicked on the link and saw 52 pictures and not one of them had fidel, che and raul. Maybe somewhere else? Not that I want to see those clowns.
    The pictures were great by the way and I look forward to more.
    Thanks for the link.

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