Inocente! Inocente!

The CEO of Time Warner, parent company of CNN, today admitted that the network has been taking its talking points from the castroite regime. Having been visited by the ghosts of Herbert Matthews, Saddam and other assorted specters, Mr. Parsons has seen the light. As one of his last acts as CEO, he has vowed that from now on, “news” coming from Cuba would be subjected to the same scrutiny as that performed on administration pronouncements. He further stated that should CNN lose its franchise in Cuba for faux pas of actually telling the truth, it would continue reporting, making use of undercover and independent journalists.
Believe that? Inocente! Inocente! Today is the Día de los Santos Inocentes, the Spanish equivalent of April Fools. Its origins are rooted in the religious observance in honor of the innocents slaughtered by Herod. For more information on how the custom is observed in the Spanish-speaking world, click here.
Disclaimer: I use CNN here merely as the butt of the joke and not because I have any information which might cast them in the light in which they are jokingly portrayed. In other words, it’s a joke. Of course, it’s not quite funny, is it?

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  1. En Cuba – NO HAY INOCENTES – Hay Fidelistas, Hay Contra-Fidelistas, y hay personas ordinarios que entienden lo que pasa! -S-

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