The truth about castro

The truth about fidel castro, is best summed up by the stories of its many victims, men, women and children who have paid with their lives, for the 49 years of dictatorship and tyranny that castro has brought to Cuba. It is their suffering, and their deaths, that forever will reveal the true horror of castroism.
That truth has a new voice.
Cuba Archive has launched a long-awaited online database holding information on more than 9,000 victims of the castro dictatorship. The number surely will go, as Cuba Archive also is asking users to submit additional information about their loved ones.
Cuba Archive explans the purpose of the database:

There is profound unawareness of the cost in lives of the Cuban Revolution. This contributes to pervasive ignorance of the violent nature of the current regime.
By telling the stories of its victims, we hope to compel people and nations to demand the end of oppression in Cuba. In furthering an understanding of the the steep cost of violence, we hope to foster a culture of respect for life and justice. In honoring the memory of those who’ve paid the highest price, we find meaning to their sacrifice.
This work is a gift to present and future generations that deserve to live in peace.

This is an invaluable historical resource, that hopefully will both help convince the world of the true, abhorant nature of the castro regime and hold those most responsible, accountable for their crimes.
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