Haitian Cuban divorce

Papa say; oh — no hesitation, no tears and no hearts breaking, no remorse.
Oh — congratulations, this is your Haitian Cuban divorce

—Steely Dan

In typical fashion, the AP has managed to publish a news story on two issues affecting Cuban society and has completely missed the point. The article attempts to report how the large number of divorces has put an added strain on the already dismal and chaotic housing situation in Cuba. But instead of delving into the root causes of these problems—namely a communist dictatorship that has systemically and methodically destroyed the Cuban family—they instead provide excuses for these problems.
They dismiss the alarmingly high divorce rate in Cuba (64%) by pointing out the regime’s atheistic philosophy.

“Cuba was for decades officially atheist and divorce does not carry the stigma it does in other countries.”

The housing shortage in Cuba, which the AP reports as if it were caused by unknown reasons, gets a happy face painted on it when the article points out Cuban society’s ability to deal with adversity.

“The phenomenon is a testament not only to the communist-run island’s severe housing shortage, but also to Cubans’ ability to stay friendly — or at least civil — under the most awkward of circumstances.”

It is stories like these, from alleged “news outlets” like the AP, which will remove any surprise when the Cuban dictatorship finally falls, and the headline will likely read: “Cuba chooses Democracy, but wonders if freedom is the answer.”

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  1. It’s, also, a nice fluff piece. No wonder people are so confused when it comes to Cuba. As long as the New York Times, CNN, Reuters, AP and the rest of the mainstream media continues to write about old chevies rumbling down Havana streets, cigars, beaches, divorce or Castro’s alleged articles, Cuba is going to continue in the eyes of the masses as a quaint little island ruled by a colorful Cuban “leader” [they never call Castro “dictator” or “tyrant” which is his proper appellation] and where people have mundane problems like “divorce” not real problems like repression, lack of human rights, imprisonment, torture and extra-judicial assassinations.

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