New Year Chuckle

Sometimes, when I read the stuff that comes out of the Cuban regime’s propaganda machine, I just want to laugh, but I catch myself because the absurdity of their words and deeds have ramifications to our enslaved brethren.
Sometimes, though, a chuckle is acceptable.
Here’s one of those times:
Yesterday, The Sun-Sentinel carried a story on fidel castro’s New Year’s message to the Cuban people.

(f)idel (c)astro salutes Cuban people for ’50 years of resistance’
“During the course of the morning, the 49th year of the Revolution will have been left behind and we will have fully entered the 50th year, which will symbolize a half century of heroic resistance,”

Now, in English to resist is commonly used to mean to fight or to take a stand against something, but it in “Cuban”, it also means to put up with; to withstand, as in “No hay mal que dure cien años ni cuerpo que lo resista”
So, if you read castro’s salute in Cuban, it takes on another totally different meaning.
For fifty years the Cuban people have “withstood” everything castro has thrown at them:
Suspension of Civil Liberties
Firing squads
Political prison camps
Elimination of private property
Food rationing
Home, Transportation, and Utility Shortages.
Second class citizenship in a “classless” society
Etc, etc…
And still Cubans have “resisted” (withstood) and continue to “resist” (stand against) castro’s tyranny.
Heroic resistance Indeed!

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