El 8 a las 8

If you read message boards and blogs about Cuba then no doubt you’ve seen some postings about “El 8 a las 8”. We’re not exactly sure where the idea came from but it’s a good one.
The objective is for everyone on the island who favors change to turn up the volume on their TVs and radios at precisely 8:00 PM on Tuesday January 8th. It doesn’t matter what they are watching or listening to, even if its the coma andante himself speaking, the important thing is that Cubans unite and crank it up. In order for this thing to work the people in Cuba are going to need to know about it so if you have relatives there let them know. Call, send emails, whatever it takes. Spread the word. If you have a blog post it.
Spanish explanation from Secretos de Cuba forum:

“… en silencio ha tenido que ser porque hay cosas que para lograrlas, han de andar ocultas …”
José Marti
Si, en silencio, HASTA EL 8 DE ENERO A LAS 8PM !
Secretos de Cuba pide a todos los sitios web relacionados con Cuba y que estan en favor de la libertad publiquen este mensaje en primera plana.
En Cuba, el dia 8 de enero del 2008 a las 8pm suban el volumen a la musica, al tv, al radio, no importa lo que esten poniendo, ni la musica que sea, el noticiero, aunque sea la mesa redonda, Lo que sea subanle al volumen. Si ese dia hay fiesta mucho mejor, suban el volumen a todo lo que da.
Si tienes miedo callate y escucha por tu ventana como otros lo haran.
Lo unico que pedimos a todos los que tienen blogs, foros, etc… publiquen este mensaje en primera plana hasta el dia 8 de enero a las 8pm
SUMATE. Queremos cambios a favor del pueblo.

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6 thoughts on “El 8 a las 8”

  1. I still don’t know what that will accomplish ?
    Short of going to streets and taking them over block by block, noise is not going to accomplish anything.
    We need another “Maleconazo” !

  2. What it does is embolden people. In order to have a maleconazo you need a spark. If the entire island is buzzing from loud music and TV it also sends a message to the regime that people can only take so much. Also foreign journos in Cuba might be confronted with a situation they can’t ignore.

  3. Great ´post Henry… I said this earlier…This event does not have to be a success to be succesful… think of this 8-8 like a test ..sort of ..Depending on what the reaction is then others will sonn follow. It could be cacerolazos, sartenazos, or calls for the people to take on the streets at a particular place anytime..this is a combination of Internet power and Bemba..
    Just remember anything we do for Cuba as stupid as it sounds is a good thing … After all nothing has worked before and this is better that doing nothing, and it is free

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