The Limp

May those who love us love us,
and those who do not love us,
may God turn their hearts,
and if He cannot turn their hearts
may He turn their ankles
that we may know them by their limping.
~Irish Prayer

An article in Sarasota’s Herald Tribune reports on the Federal lawsuit brought forth by Cuban general Rafael Del Pino against some prominent members of the Miami Cuban-exile community as well as local radio and TV personalities who he claims are trying to silence his freedom of speech. The general, who defected to the US in 1987, is seeking monetary damages for what he says is a campaign led by these individuals to “harass, intimidate, and ultimately execute,” he and his family. Apparently, Del Pino thinks he still lives in Cuba where a phone call can dispatch a contingent of security personnel to the homes of those who dare to speak out against the great general of the revolution to punish and silence them.
The story is also chockfull of indirect and direct slurs against the “virulently Castro-hating Cuban exile community.” And what mainstream media story regarding the Cuban-exile community in Miami would be complete without a reference to the unsubstantiated, yet oft recited increase in numbers of exiles favoring a warming of relations with the despotic Cuban regime?
But my point this morning is to say that personally, I wholeheartedly believe that General Del Pino, as well as the other members of his clan, should not only have the right to express their flawed opinions, but they should never let us doubt their support for negotiations and the opening of relations with a murderous and outlaw regime.
That will be the limp in their stride that will allow us to know who they are.

6 thoughts on “The Limp”

  1. Del Pino’s “limp’ can already be seen via his twisted mind. Just look at what he was for over thirty years and look at what he has now become. What a dirtball-a total embarassment.

  2. why the hell doesn’t he limp back to Cuba since the exile community, of which he is part by his defection, bothers him so?

  3. In a way, we are to blame, we accept these scum bags , who have persecuted and killed free loving Cubans.
    We put them on TV and Radio, when they say what we want to hear, and then they turn around and bite us in the ass.
    When Are we going to learn ?
    Those that were our enemies back in the 60s are still our enemies, Del Pino is one of those, who need to be brought before a Jury and then executed

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