Here We Go Again!

The rumors surrounding Fidel Castro’s death are beginning to surface again.
We don’t necessarily believe any rumors, but since the Cuban regime is less than candid about the health of the Cuban dictator and they misinform and lie as a matter of course, rumors become unofficial news sources and give insight as to what is happening and being talked about on the streets.
According to the new rumors from Alberto Müller, Castro’s health has again taken a turn for the worse:

Sources close to Fidel Castro’s children say that in private they comment that their father, the Cuban dictator, is in a state of “maximum gravity” and with enormous “respiratory difficulties.” Additionally, as a result of the senility that he manifests due to his disease, at the times when he shows signs of lucidity, he suffers from serious bouts of acute depression with attacks of prolonged weeping.
Some within the dictator’s inner circle, await for his imminent death and the inevitable preparation for the pharaoh-like burial, although others suppose that Raúl Castro wants to keep him alive, by artificial means, to prolong the caudillo’s cult of personality that is so characteristic of the force regimes, and until after the farcical Cuban election in January.
The fact that during the Hugo Chávez’s recent visit to Cuba there have not been any photos or videos of the Venezuelan president with Fidel Castro, confirms with certain logic, the grave state of the Cuban dictator.

Another rumor, this one reported in La Nueva Cuba, stipulates that Castro was so ill on December 29 that his family took him to “El Rincon”. El Santuario del Rincón de San Lazaro in Santiago de las Vegas is where the gravely ill make pilgrimages in hopes of a miraculous cure.
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18 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!”

  1. 1. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    2. castro would have never been taken to el rincon as that would have been too obvious.
    3. If indeed he were to die it would not be announced until it could get full play for the elections (I mean appointments).

  2. Like I said before, I don’t care that he pays his dues or not by suffering some more. As far as I’m concerned let him pay his dues in hell, I just want him to die already, if of course he’s not yet.

  3. It’s interesting that there was a big media build-up about Naomi Campbell going to Cuba to interview Fidel. Then we’ve heard nothing. Now she comes back with an interview of Chavez instead where he talks about how impeccably Fidel dresses.
    But none of those breathless media outlets is asking the question of Naomi, where’s the blockbuster interview?

  4. I cannot believe that he went to the rincon for a miracle! To receive mercy from God you must first show mercy to others. Castro has a lot of mercy to catch up on…

  5. When he is lucid he is subject to “acute depression and attacks of prolonged weeping”:
    Those who have lived a good life, who have spent their time on Earth wisely and those who have faith in God step into the next world peacefully, serenely. Sometimes the only regret is leaving loved ones behind. I have seen it with my own eyes.
    This man who is passing (if he hasn’t already passed) approches death with fear. He is in a panic. He has much to answer for, and he knows it. He had an opportunity to do great things and selfishly misspent it. He has caused great harm, and has much for which to account. His life has meant nothing.

  6. Ask any Cuban political prisoners from the 1960s and 1970s about Alberto Muller. After he accepted the regime’s “rehabilitation” program, Muller put in his cell wall signs with political slogans like “La Zafra de los 10 Millones, va,” and after the Kent State shootout, a sign in Spanish that said: “Nixon, Assassin of Students.” Muller did not behave like a man then and he is trying to reinvent himself lately as some kind of “patriot.”

  7. I m sure that if the old half-wit (fidel) was taken to Rincon by his family…..good old San Lazaro “Babalu-Aye” would have booted his stinky butt out of there.

  8. There have long been rumors to the effect that Castro has been involved with “santeria,” and San Lazaro is a major santeria figure. However, this business of a visit to his shrine at El Rincon has to be taken with definite skepticism (like everything else regarding Castro’s current situation). If he did visit, or family members visited for him (which is far more likely), the whole affair is at best a pathetic travesty, for more than obvious reasons.

  9. Asombra you’re right, not too long ago on A Mano Limpia there was a lady who had known the Castros since childhood, either through school or neighborhood, who gave names and dates about their mother’s [Lina] belief in all thing “brujas, santeras, espiritismo, etc.]
    Regardles off brujeria or not, I doubt the Rincon rumor, but I really wish he died already dammit. Que se acabe de morir y que deje de joder ya!

  10. It’s been really busy for me at work today – just got a chance to read Babalu – COÑO Val you wrote my exact thoughts – que se rejoda y que sufra asta el ultimo segundo.

  11. One Other Thought –
    The only OTHER Head of State in Office longer than FiFo es La Reina Elizabeth II de Gran Britannia. Que dios salva La Reina! -S-

  12. I wonder if in those few moments of lucidity and copious weeping fifo is being consoled by his friends and collaborators: His Eminence the Archbishop of Havana, Jaime Ortega Alamino, or by Monsenior Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. Then again, there’s the possibility that fifo is waiting for the visit of the Vatican’s Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone -in February- to absolve him of all sins. fifo must still believe the Catholic church sells indulgences.

  13. May the old bastard endure pain and distress until his last breath of air. May he sustain all the suffering that he unleashed to our people on the island and burn forever in hell. The Grim Reaper is at your doorstep and I hear the doorbell!

  14. There is no human suffering he could possibly undergo in this life that would even come close to atoning for the untold suffering he’s caused over nearly half a century. There is absolutely no way to make him pay here on earth.

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