We’ll Take It!

Amidst the speculation (mine) as to how the Cuban regime intends to divest itself of some of the underproductive or fallow state farmland, comes the suggestion from Cuban farmers that they be given some it and be allowed a bit of leeway.
In an article today, the Miami Herald traces all of the recent permutations of Raul’s agricultural policies. Surprisingly, there are quite a few quotes from discontented farmers.
Unfortunately for the farmers, the regime has already hinted that it might invite foreign investments. After all, why should those who work the land profit from their own sweat when there is more profit to be had for the regime?

4 thoughts on “We’ll Take It!”

  1. Here are some other Great Raul’s Idea;
    Some were saying When Raul took over great changes were coming for the best for the Cuban People.
    I for one do not believed it and here is the proof ;
    Today the Cuban Official Media, reported that from Now on ,Cuban Workers who work for Foreign Companies, must turn in their Tips in exchange for regular Cuban Pesos, not Even the Chavito, but worthless Cuban Pesos.
    That sounds more like What I expected From Raul.
    Real esmart this commie aholes

  2. I guess that’ll mean those doctors and nurses -and other professionals that supplemented their meager salaries by working in hotels and restaurants- will not be working in the tourism industry anymore. Geesh! What a blow! Now international correspondents in Cuba, such as Canadian correspondent Mary Ellen Kot will have to deal with only high school graduates (if at all) to serve them.

  3. Hadn’t thought of that! But will that mean that doctors and engineers will be pulling plows? It’s so sad.

  4. El que hizo la ley, hizo la trampa, people will go underground as they did before, survival instint is bigger than what they realize.

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