7 thoughts on “Concise and to the point”

  1. Just because Ronald Reagan was once an actor (many decades before he became president) does not President an actor make.
    Thompson for President – RIP.

  2. First of all, Thompson is not out of it. Second of all, Fred is the only adult in the race. Third of all, Fred is the only full-spectrum conservative who understands that liberalism is a plague that must be combatted anywhere and everywhere it rears its head, and only he will have the gumption to call it what it is, and take it on. Not only that, but Fred is the most electable candidate the Republicans can field, because he has the fewest negatives/baggage, and he will do best in the South- where the current Republican base of power is.
    Unfortunately, too many Republicans are not getting the bigger picture here, and I hope and pray we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot. If the Republican Party doesn’t field a candidate who provides the starkest difference with the Democratic candidate across the board, we will lose- And you heard that here first.

  3. As to the Fairtax- While consumption-based taxes are great in theory, the political reality is that it would have no prayer of getting through a Democratic Congress. None. Don’t make the good the enemy of the great, Fred’s tax plan simplifies the code, drastically cuts rates, and is passable- and it lays the groundwork if we eventually build our majority to migrate to a consumption based tax. But right now, the proponents of the FairTax should think strategically- cutting taxes in the short term in a realistic manner is much more politically realistic than what amounts to a pipe dream as to the composition of our present Congress.

  4. I see ya’ll got my boy in the spot light. As you may not know I am a dedicated Fred Head that has donated cloes to $400 already and will give more as needed.
    The video is so Ronald Reagan wing of the paty!

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