7 thoughts on “Lincoln Diaz-Balart or Raul Martinez”

  1. Mr. Gomez: If you keep running that mugshot of Raul Martinez, you will get another call from Joe Garcia. Don’t forget what happened to Luca Brasi.

  2. You Babalooers need to stop picking on my friend Raul Martinez. Just look at that mugshot that you keep posting. Is that the face of a criminal? I agree with Alvaro Fernandez, we have to defeat Lincoln, Mario and Ileana in 08 so that with a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress, we can finally lift the embargo on Cuba. That will be our parting gift for Fidel.

  3. RM has made a career out of declaring himself innocent of all charges …… and the hits just keep on coming.
    That mug’s not exactly my idea of a fresh face in Congress.

  4. Bernardo go suck some Penes, lol
    Raul Martinez es un besa culo, un estafador. Lastima que sea Cubano.

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