Presidential Candidates on Cuba

We have created a special blog to serve as a clearing house for the official positions of the various presidential campaigns on the subject of Cuba. We are only going to post materials submitted by the campaigns.
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We want to know where they stand on the embargo, Helms-Burton, indictments for the castro brothers, travel restrictions, the political prisoners, human rights, the succession, etc. etc.
Of course the first thing we need to do is let the candidates know that the forum exists and have them contact us at
As the Florida primary approaches this is unique opportunity for the candidates to speak up on one of the issues that on the minds of hundreds of thousands of Cuban-American voters in the state.
Let’s see which campaign is the first to answer the call.

10 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates on Cuba”

  1. Unfortunately, the Democrats have decided to skip Florida this year – and the Republicans are only half in. I’ve lost all hope for any of them.

  2. Henry el problema cubano no eligira a ningun Presidente . Nuestro problema es muy pequeño como para decidir unas elecciones. Cualquiera que gane en Nov tendra que bregar con la situacion de Cuba en su momento. Lo que deberiamos hacer es estar pendientes quien resultara ganador en cada partido para entonces nosotros indicarles una vez selecionados que queremos que ocurra en Cuba. A BUCL campaign to do that will be a great idea

  3. El ganador de las elecciones sera el candidato(a) que sea capaz de tratar de resolver los problemas de pobreza en EEUU, de mejorar la salud y los 46 millones de personas sin seguro medico, de como controlar la inmigracion ilegal y como terminar la guerra de Iraq..Ese debe ser el presidente el que trabaje con eso. a los Norteamericanos le importa un bledo lo que pase en Cuba ..Vamos a dejarnos de tonterias tocayo..Cuba no tiene nada que ver con todo esto

  4. I’m an American and I care. And I vote. And I vote in Florida. Like me there’s more than half a million Cuban-Americans in Florida that vote and that want to know. Every voter has specific issues that they are interested in and there are literally hundreds of groups that want to know where the candidates stand on issues.
    If they can come here and talk about Cuba for 30 seconds at Versailles then they can submit their official positions for posting on the internet.
    It sounds like you aren’t interested. It’s a free country, you don’t have to be.

  5. I’ll respond to him in Spanish, if that’s ok.
    Es cierto que lo que dices, pero la gente tambien tiene derecho a oir lo que tienen que dicir los candidatos sobre Cuba. Esta bien que ellos tienen otras cosas mas importante, pero ellos tambien puede dejar commentario sobre lo que ellos piensan, lo que quieren aser y sobre el futuro de Cuba. Simplemente Maria, si no te importa donde ellos estan parado sobre Cuba…Entonces no te metas donde la gente que si quieren oir los posiciones de los canditatos estan.
    Henry, I agree with you man. We have a right to know as much as anyone that doesn’t want to or care. The candidates should submit their stances on the issue like if a journalist would ask him/her the question. Some of them are known, but others are still shady.

  6. What I am saying is that the Florida Cuban vote doesnot win an election. Thats all Iam saying… but I can understand that you need to know where your candidate is at in regards to Cuba
    en el lado democrata tenemos a Hillary y Obama
    en el Republicano a Huckabee y a Mc Cain
    When they get to florida you must pressure them to dictate policies that will help our cause,if they want the vote but there are other causes too

  7. On the 29th of January there are going to be more than those 4 names on the ballots.
    Also if the Cuban-American vote is not as important as you say it is, why then do all of our critics say that politicians pander to us down here. We’re a sizeable bloc in a swing state, in a wide open race. That’s why.
    You said el 8 a las 8 was a test. I agreed. So is this.
    We’ll see who, if anyone, among these candidates is monitoring the blogs about Cuba and whether they think the issue is important enough to submit their positions and/or a video addressing the issue. If they don’t, then we know a little more about how important it really is to them.

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