Señora Libertad

This song was conceived and begun in 1993 after harsh personal experiences. It’s dedicated to all political prisoners in the world, to all prisoners of conscience, to all those who have had their human rights violated systematically at any time, under any system. To those who suffered imprisonment and those who today suffer Imprisonment or are detained for the crime of thinking differently, for desiring the distinguished, beautiful, immaculate and thousand-times violated Lady Liberty. There are millions of names to mention, among them there is one that is particularly distinguished to which this song is especially dedicated: Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.
-Miguel Ulises

Mr. Ulises is a Cuban singer/songwriter who has lived in Miami since 2001. His web site is here.

2 thoughts on “Señora Libertad”

  1. That’s a great song! Love it. He’s very talented. But, too bad the song wont’ win any Grammies, and he won’t be getting any major record deals. After all, he’s critical of Castro’s hospital building government and doesn’t sing about evil right winged regimes like President Bush’s government.

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