Can David Gergen be that stupid?

Just saw him on Anderson Cooper saying that if Romney doesn’t win Michigan that he should drop out. Huh? Why? With two second place finishes Romney is currently leading the GOP delegate count. Plus Romney has enough cash (his own) to stay in this for the long haul. He’s my 2nd choice (behind Thompson) at this point. I just don’t see him pulling out of the race any time soom.

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  1. If you notice, the MSM hasn’t been that harsh on Mike Huckabee. Au Contraire, he’s been rising like foam since the Clinton strategists realized he’s the easiest of the candidates for Hilary Clinton to beat. This is why David Gergen wants Mitt Romney out of the race.
    By the way, he’s my second favorite too!

  2. Romney won’t drop out, but he should. If he can’t win his home state or a state right next door to where he was governor, what’s to make anyone believe that he can win Southern States?
    Romney may be ahead in the delegate count, but he has two enormous shortcomings- AUTHENTICITY and CREDIBILITY. He comes across as too polished and smooth, and he’s changed too many of his positions within the last election cycle to make himself palatable to conservatives. The problem is, many conservatives are rightly suspicious of politicians who shift so many positions so abruptly for political gain- it’s no wonder why he has the highest negatives amongst Republicans.
    He should withdraw, run for Governor of Michigan, build up his conservative bona fides, and then run again in 8 years- but you’re right, he won’t, because he’s on a mission to avenge the slight to his Father, when his Presidential aspirations failed to succeed. Romney will spend as much of his personal fortune as he can until the very end- and what he’s only accomplishing by that is further fragmenting conservatives.

  3. Well, that description also applies for Huckabee. McCain and Giuliani are both much more liberal than the average Republican, so where does that leave us?
    Also Romney’s state is Mass. which hasn’t voted yet and New Hampshire is not a good measuring stick because 40% of the voters are independents that can vote in either primary.
    The reality is that we’re in the bottom of the first and none of these candidates should be thinking of surrendering until after South Carolina and Florida.

  4. It leaves us with Fred Thompson, whom I have supported from the beginning. His candidacy is very much viable, forget what the punditry and media say. A strong showing in South Carolina, and he’s right there in contention. There is a better than 50 percent chance that this election could go to a brokered convention, and Fred could be the candidate who emerges, because he offends the least number of Repubicans. His candidacy also makes sense because he will be the strongest candidate in the South, which is where the current Republican base of power resides.

  5. I truely believe him to be Our next president.
    Charismatic, Experienced, Common Sense principles, clever, funny, the cool foghorn leg horn accent, and the man is TALL..imagine that guy hovering over Ahmadinjad (SP?) saying “Shut Down your uraniam enrichment facilities, or we’ll shut them down for you” that intimidation right there. Gipper style.

  6. Lucha,
    I agree with you on every point. I have already contributed a substantial amount to Fred’s campaign, but I am also thinking about the rest of the field and what happens if Fred doesn’t get the nod. Of the remaining candidates Romney is the one that appeals the most to me.

  7. Gracias, Henry. As to the rest of the field after Fred, I think this- Romney would be most agreeable to conservatives, but I am very doubtful as to his electability. McCain makes conservatives such as myself squirm, but I think he is ultimately more electable than Mitt. Huckabee is a general election loser, any way we cut it- the Dems are praying he gets the nomination. As to Rudy- he is moving in the right direction on a lot of issues, but his pro-choice, largely anti-gun record pretty much disqualify him from becoming a candidate that too many social conservatives and gun owners can actively embrace.

  8. What I don’t get is what makes McCain more electable. If more electable is the same as more liberal then yes I guess he is. But if liberal appeals to you wouldn’t you vote for the Democrat?
    I think the Republican candidate needs to differentiate himself from the Democrat. And the way you do that is by being conservative.
    Rudy has Zero shot. I’ve said it all along. No way does a the GOP nominate a pro abortion, gun control candidate. Again, if that’s what I wanted I’d vote Democrat.

  9. The reason why I think McCain is more electable than Romney is because I think Romney is a fatally compromised candidate in several ways, not that I think McCain is that strong a candidate. McCain has stuck it to conservatives one too many times, and there are many conservatives who just won’t support him under any circumstances.
    As bad as he is, Romney has more electability issues than McCain, because they cut right to his credibility and authenticity. When it comes down to whom do you trust between the two, and who has a better grasp of the terror war and foreign policy, McCain beats Romney. And when you factor in Romney’s Mormonism (unfortunately, it is an issue that turns off many evangelicals), and the fact that he was a moderate Republican from Massachussets- which absolutely does not resonate in the South- I just couldnt see him winning. Remember, our margins are going to be very, very thin this year- we need every traditional Republican coalition to show up and show up strong.

  10. I don’t the coalition will show up strong for either of those two. But I lean toward Romney because he’s younger, he’s more charismatic, and yes he was moderate in a state overrun with liberal Democrats. McCain is from Arizona for pete’s sake. He has no excuse.
    This may all be academic. The best thing that happens to the Republicans might be a win by the Democrats in November. As much as I hated Bill Clinton, without his election in 1992 we don’t get the Republican Revolution of 94. Without Carter, we probably don’t get Reagan. 4 years of Hillary/Obama will make the country see Bush with nostalgia.

  11. You may very well be right about that, ive said the same thing before too- but I hope and pray we can avoid that.

  12. I agree with George — Gergen has become a leftist pompous snot. I don’t watch him anymore if he’s on the screen with any other talking head.
    Fred has a lot of substance; but he looks and acts as if he doesn’t really care to be in this race. Esta muy anemico. I listen for content, but unfortunately, I know most people are looking for bells and whistles. I just wish he’d show a little more interest in what he’s supposedly pursuing.
    Let’s send him a colada straight up.

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