Just say no to Flake

There’s a movement afoot to put Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) on the House Appropriations Committee. Flake’s stances on Cuba are revolting. I for one am urging the House leadership to NOT put flake on the committee.
John Boehner — (202) 225-6205
Roy Blunt — (202) 225-6536
Eric Cantor — (202) 225-2815
Adam Putnam — (202) 225-1252
Thad McCotter — (202) 225-8171
Kay Granger — (202) 225-5071
John Carter — (202) 225-3864

1 thought on “Just say no to Flake”

  1. REP. JEFF FLAKE (R), Arizona: “I think if there are Cuban-American families or other Americans who say”, “I don’t want to travel to Cuba because I think that that will somehow prop up the regime there,” then they ought to be able to make that choice…..(he’s retarded)………
    Rep. Flake is a cosponsor of H.R. 1645, the Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act of 2007 (STRIVE Act of 2007). The STRIVE Act contains provisions to increase chain migration, import additional foreign workers, and reward illegal aliens. As well, it contains some interior enforcement and border security measures. However, the enforcement measures would be eclipsed by the massive increases in immigration numbers that would result from the amnesty, guestworker, and chain migration provisions….IT WOULD also let them stay while they applying to stay and work in the United States as long as it takes to be granted such status; would authorize employers to lay off U.S. workers and replace them with H-2Cs, provided they lay off the U.S. workers more than 90 days before or 90 days after they petition for H-2Cs. In addition to the H-2C provisions, the STRIVE Act would more than double the number of employment-based (EB) immigrant visas available annually……………………………………NORTH AMERICAN UNION in the works. Canada, USA and Mexico. (Google it North American Union)

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