6 thoughts on “Rave reviews for Fred’s Performance”

  1. Fred is the best bet for our future. Get the wallets out and support him so he can stay in this race and win it!

  2. I agree. Thompson looked good in a debate where almost all looked pretty solid. He came through very clear, to the point and was extremely focus.

  3. Paul is worthless and going nowhere fast. Fred doesn’t seem to have his heart into the election and his procrastination in entering the race hurt him. Not sure if he was trying to make a grand entrance, but it hurt his cause. I don’t see him lasting but a few more weeks. I am still seeking a candidate who can win. But I cannot bring myself to support Romney.

  4. Hubby and I were impressed with two candidates: HuckFinn and FredHead.
    While Huck can spin, and has presence; we both liked Fred better. He has poise and balls. And that we believe is what the US needs.
    Besides, I don’t remember who it was, but I loved when they called Huck a Democrat!

  5. I don’t get the “it’s too little, too late” argument. We’ve had three tiny states (Iowa, NH and Wyoming) and 3 different winners. Nobody is a shoo-in for the nomination. If you’re a voter in S. Carolina or Florida, it’s not too late to vote for the one truly conservative candidate in the field.

  6. Fred has done well in practically every debate since the campaign started, but the media now notices because he took a huge, and accurate, shot at Huckabee. That’s what it takes to get noticed by the MSM and many average Joes, and Fred has finally latched on to it.

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