An unprincipled Kennedy? Say it ain’t so…


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Hugo’s useful idiot
Joseph P. Kennedy II is founder of the Citizens Energy Corporation and the useful idiot of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.
Mr. Kennedy, a former Massachusetts congressman, is airing commercials praising “our good friends in Venezuela” for the low-cost heating oil that fuels the center’s energy-assistance program for low-income people.
Mr. Chavez has become a deadly oil slick seeping throughout the Western Hemisphere. He has used the windfall profits from Venezuelan oil to finance major purchases of arms for socialist insurgents in Central and South America as he disparages the U.S. and tries to undermine everything this republic stands for.
Chavez could be mistaken for the bastard son of the dictator he idolizes, Cuba’s Fidel Castro. However, Chavez has more blood money than his surrogate socialist sire ever could imagine to destabilize democracy after democracy.
Kennedy actually admits that the reduced-cost oil is a cheap ploy by Chavez to get publicity. But he fails to mention that it also is an affront to this nation that sends a corrupted image of the free market to the world.
Kennedy seemed to have more principles in 1986 when he called for the then-odious South African government to end apartheid. Perhaps the Afrikaner rulers didn’t have the oil reserves Chavez has to buy off Mr. Kennedy so cheaply.

Woe this black pox on the majesty of New England’s Camelot.

3 thoughts on “An unprincipled Kennedy? Say it ain’t so…”

  1. Tell me about it. Unlike you guys, I actually have to see the commercials. There is about three of them.
    And while I don’t deny the people he profiles in his commercials to have dire need for heating oil; the “our good friends of Venezuela through Citgo” makes me cringe every single time.

  2. Like I’ve said before, the Kennedys are three generations of bungling boobs. No offense meant to actual boobs.

  3. I trust the last sentence of Alberto’s post is tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. As for “bungling boobs,” that’s far too benign an assessment. Inspector Clouseau was a bungling boob. The Kennedys are in a totally different category. Their “bungling” has never been even remotely funny, and it has caused very serious harm.

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