Let me get this straight…

If you put out a newsletter filled with racist commentary and other nutty ravings under your name for 20 years and you are confronted on the issue you can simply say that someone else wrote it and “I take moral responsibility” without having to explain further, whose opinions exactly they were and why you permitted them to continue for so long?

He may have taken “moral responsibility” but he hasn’t taken actual responsibility. If someone said something on behalf of Ron Paul that Ron Paul didn’t agree with, then if Ron Paul wants to be president he has to stop protecting that person and instead identify him and expressly state that he disagrees with that person.
The problem for Paul is that either that person does not exist or if he/she does that person will say that he/she only wrote what Paul asked him to write. Either way it’s up to the American people (and Republican voters in particular) to make him actually responsible for what was written in his name.

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  1. The guy’s like a bad joke, Henry. He’s not going anywhere. What’s really sad is that, as always, assholes like him can, in fact, get at least some people to vote for them. Sad but true.

  2. I agree Fausta,
    where is the courage? He should have been asked.
    Not smart to have a paper trail full of racist opinions and wacky conspiracy theories. It’s over, but then it never was.

  3. This guy is crazy. And you were right; as soon as I posted my opinion contrary to his I’ve received e mails an comments that I can’t even post from his followers. I don’t think he has a realistic chance.

  4. As a long time supporter of babalublog and Cuban causes and the death of Fidel etc. It saddens me that you people do not understand message of Ron Paul.
    If you looked closely you would know he is not a racist.
    He does not have your position ie Cuba so you call him a nut.
    Take a look:
    You complain about MSM controlling news and not being fair to Cuban issues. Same thing with RP. Everyone calls him a nut. Well the nut has after three states voted, soundly trounced your friends Thompson and gugliani here are the numbers:
    totals by candidate percent
    Romney 441602 37%
    McCain 359882 30%
    Huckabee 203575 17%
    Paul 84082 7%
    Guiliani 56286 5%
    Thompson 43418 4%
    total votes 1188845
    This is three states talking folks.
    You want to let the same asshole politicians who have been around for years who have DONE NOTHING to help and vote for one of them simply because they all keep saying the same thing to win Cuban votes in Florida. They frankly are just like Fidel say one thing knowing it is a lie and then do what they wanted to do in the first place.
    You want to let this government sign you up for a national ID card and just blow out the constitution which this country was founded on?
    I’m saddened to see such rubbish from you supposed freedom loving civil liberty people. Ron Paul is the only one out there talking about freedom and civil liberties. Grow up and do some homework before the USA gets so bad people will be wanting to go to Cuba to live. And read up on the constitution also.
    You want support from non Cubans who get your message then quit trashing freedom loving people who want the IRS and the government off our backs.
    And so why does the NUT beat guly and thompson after three states. Are all those voters nutty or is the a revolution going on that you guys can’t see. Join up and you will get more done for your cause. Oh and did I mention the world record 20,000,000 fund raising record for Ron Paul from over 100,000 individuals for the last quarter of 2007. more than any other candidate. how do “NUT” raise this kind of money without any grass roots surrport. GO ahead and keep marganilizing yourselves and continuing the Maimi mafia myth. Sure he won’t win the republican nomination. But does that mean the issue ends No way. You should be on board not badmouthing.

  5. Whether he wrote the racist comments or not the newsletter bore his name. That tells me either he’s a racist or incompetent. Neither a characteristic that I’m looking for in a President.
    Also those vote counts don’t amount to a hill of beans because we’ve had two OPEN primaries where Democrats and Independents can vote in them and one caucus.
    The first closed primary in a really Republican state is South Carolina.
    Besides Cuba, I disagree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues. I disagree with him on Iraq, his obsession with our monetary system, etc.
    If France had adopted the non-intervention policy that Paul advocates back in the 1770s we’d be singing Hail to the Queen.
    There’s a difference between being an ideologue and being irrationally dogmatic.

  6. I am truly surprised that you folks can not understand an MSM slam job when you see it. Don’t take my word for it or fox news or CNN all those great MSM media outlets that all give the Cuban Americans a real fair shake all the time. Read from a former employee. And a Hispanic one at that:
    Ok so let’s all get real here. Ron Paul is not going to be president. Ok I agree. But you folks better start looking for another darling. Because Fred Thompson aint going to be either.
    By the time Florida rolls around Fred may still be in (RP sure will be) but after Florida or maybe even Sunday he will make the announcement he is out. So you folks better look for someone else. My guess a McCain Huck ticket and then of course MS. dry-foot wet foot herself. Good choices for all of us.
    And the next time use you’re common sense when looking at MSM bullshit.
    Oh and by the way I’m excited to see a Ron Paul group right there in Hialeah:
    I’m sure that the more than half of the members with Hispanic names are not of Cuban descent?
    And I am not some Ron Paul nut invading your blog. I have been here for years.
    Val remember the Target Che gig among others?
    You can expect your web traffic from Costa Rica to drop off considerably. I’ll find a better more unbiased outlet for my Cuban news.
    Good Luck I hope you get someone who can understand the real Cuban issues.

  7. Did those newsletters go out under his name or not?
    There’s a lot of good things in the libertarian movement. A lot of things I agree with. I think it’s healthy to have a libertarian wing of the Republican party particularly to be the fiscal conscience.
    My opinion on Ron Paul is not shaped by the news media. It’s shaped by what he says. Things I disagree with. I have to vote for the guy I agree the most with. It’s not personal. That person happens to Fred Thompson. If he were to drop out then I’d have to re-examine the field and at this point my vote would probably go to Mitt Romney.
    For me this isn’t about “electability”. Nobody thought Reagan was “electable”. What made Reagan electable was his conservative message at a time the country needed it.
    I never said you were an invader. But there are a lot of nutjobs out there in the Ron Paul camp including 9/11 truthers and so forth.
    Also if you decide you can’t read Babalu because we don’t like your presidential candidate, then I suppose there’s nothing I can do.

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