“Shoot Down” the movie – UPDATED


The first and only feature length movie regarding the murder of four Brothers to the Rescue pilots by the castro regime is set to open in theaters throughout the country this January 25, 2008. But on January 18, a special screening will be held in Miami followed by a question and answer segment with the filmmakers. You can read the press release on that HERE.
You can visit the award winning movie’s official website and read about the filmmakers, the cast, see theater listings, and watch the trailer.
The story of these brave individuals is yet another bloody chapter in the history of the vile castro dictatorship that needs to be told.
UPDATE – 1/13/08
There have been a few comments posted on this story, as well as a couple of e-mails that I have received, that call the intentions of this film into question. Without seeing the movie, it would be impossible for me to comment on its content and truthfulness regarding the murders committed by the castro regime that day. However, Ziva did send me an article from a year or so ago written by a Cuban-American who did see the movie and it appears that Ms. Khuly’s approach is at best, questionable.
You can read that article HERE.
I still believe the story has to be told to a wide audience, but I am worried that the version they will hear will be so far from the actual events, that the message will be lost upon the viewers. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to know for sure.

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  1. My initial reaction was “it’s about time”, but I’m concerned by one of the commentators listed in the cast. Saul Landau is a left-wing apologist for the Castro regime, so we’re not going to get much support from him. Also, William Leogrande is a fence-sitter on Cuban issues and I doubt is very sympathetic to the exile plight. All we need is for the truth to be told, but with those two commentators I’m afraid Cuba will get a bye on this. I also sense a liberal “pedigree” in Christina Khuly’s partners in this film. Can anyone shed some more light on this project?

  2. All I know is that Kuhly’s uncle was one of the 4 men shot down that day. I doubt she’d be willing to allow herself to be used by the regime that murdered her uncle.
    When we see the movie, we will all know for sure.

  3. And all the Clinton admin did was to revoke Basulto’s ticket for one year, shame on any Cuban that votes dem.

  4. I was reading some of the interviews and reviews and I got the impression that it contains some stuff we might not particularly like, so Mambi’s comments reinforce my suspicions. Still, she is the niece of one of those killed. We’ll see when it comes out.

  5. I am a lifelong friend of Christina’s former uncle, Armando Alejandre jr. We went to military school together in Havana during the 50’s. My father and his father were lifelong friends. What happened was another despicable and cowardly action by Castro. These family are friends and if anyone here doubts the sincerity and honesty of this movie without watching it are just showing their ignorance. This is not about left or right, its about truth. Gonzalo G Labarga flabarga@gmail.com

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